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Temporary loss of vision and hearing. what happened last night?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheHasheeshEater420, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. oh boy have i got an interesting topic for you guys. so let me start off by saying that ive been smoking a solid 2 1/2 years now and this has only happened to me 4 or 5 times that i can remember. pretty much what happens is that if i smoke really dank buds and too much of them, sometimes when i stand up too fast ill temporarily lose my sense of sight and hearing. this has happened a few times before, after tolerance breaks and stuff but it had always been fairly enjoyable. but yesterday i had a weird ass moment at subway in front of everyone......   so i had just gotten back from a buddys house and he gave me about a bowls worth of good kief. i decided to smoke it right away. i got really high and watched american dad for about half an hour before deciding to go to the subway down the street from my house. there was a big line when i got there so i just popped in my headphones and chillaxed till my order was ready to be taken. finallly, when it was almost my turn, i start to feel light headed. i brush it off and prepare to order. the guy at subway asks what i want. i slowly step up to the counter. at this point im beginning to sweat, and colors get really vibrant, but again i shrug it off and act normal. i tell him i want 2 footlongs. i can barely hear myself talk. the colors get so bright that my vision is heavily impaired. at this point i lose all track of time. the next thing i know my legs turn to jelly. i can feel myself wobbling back and forth because my legs cant support my weight. i cant see anything. everything is white. i try to open my eyes, and i realize they are already open, im just blind. my legs begin to slowly steady themselves. my vision slowly begins to return. i look around me. everyone is staring at me. there is no sound to be heard other than the music on the intercom. i start to panic but try to keep cool. is this actually really happening right now? i dont know how long i was in my blind/deaf state. i tell the subway guy that i feel dizzy and need to step outside. he gives me a cold glass of water. i know that he knows im high. the whole restaurant knew. i step outside and sit down at a table. i close my eyes and inhale lots of fresh air. waves of euphoria wash over me. and then, just like that, it was gone. im not new to smoking and i would consider my tolerance to be in between low and medium. like i said this has happened before, but on a much smaller scale, and it always happened immediately after smoking. this time it happened half an hour or more after i smoked. so what happened to me? im very confused. i know kief is potent, but it was only like .3-.4

  2. It sounds like vertigo, dont worry i get it all the time when i smoke or stand up too quickly. I think it has something to do with low blood pressure.
  3. I do have extremely low blood pressure....

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  4. Sounds like you made your blood pressure go nuts on you for a few min.  Need to be careful doing that.  Only takes a second for blood pressure to go nuts and you end up in hospital.  I was feeling fine a few months back.  Nothing wrong at all.  I get out of the car to go inside the store and everything started to spin.  Luckly my husband knew something was wrong and my doctors was less then a block from there so he took me there.  They came out to the car and check my blood pressure and it had gone nuts on me was reading 197/ 119.  They called am ambulance right then and there and transported me to the hospital afraid I might stroke out.  They gave me nitro at the doctors office and a few other things I don't remember the name of all them before the ambulance got there.  And the nearest hospital to me is 30 miles away.    They get me to the hospital and treat me for over 6 hours before they got my blood pressure to come back down.  I spent the night in the hospital.  They still do not know why my blood pressure went nuts and I wasn't even stoned when  it happen. 
    After losing several friends and family to heart attacks it scared the hell out of me that I might stoke out when that happen.  Its not just getting dizzy when your blood pressure is up.  You can feel sick to your stomach, jittery, unbalanced, dizzy, paranoid, scared, severe headache, Fatigue or confusion, vision problems, chest pains, problem breathing, irregular heartbeat, blood in your pee, pounding in your chest, neck or ears for just a few of the things high blood pressure can cause.  Better to be safe then sorry and thank god my husband knew what to do.   
  5. Thats fucking crazy but my experience was euphoric even though i did make an ass of myself

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  6. #6 Guest, Feb 9, 2014
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    Okay that can usually happen if you "get up quickly". For instance if you are sleeping laying down and sit up really quick, or in your case you were sitting and stood up really quick. That can cause dizziness, and you being super-baked probably contributed to part of it, and then you probably had a little bit of anxiety (more not knowing what was happening) contribute to it even more.
    @MissBaracuta…. That sounds pretty serious. Blood sugar can also cause similar symptoms correct? I sometimes get that dizzy, headache, sick to the stomach, just sick in general, breathing problems.. but I'm pretty young. But that' is only on certain occasions, if I had a edible that was too strong or something similar.
  7. funny, I actually joined this forum to find out information on this subject! What you are descibing is pretty much a word for word hypotensive crisis or orthostatic hypotension. I've been smoking for years, and I've just recently been having attacks like this. Did you also have any tingling in your fingers or toes? Any weird stuff you might have felt?
  8. You just described something called "being stoned". Congratufuckinglations

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  9. You go blind and deaf when you're stoned? I think you're doing it wrong.
    Anyways, definitely get it checked out OP.
  10. im glad 2pac is dead

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  12. You just made me cry violently, seeing as I knew the dude personally :rolleyes:  :laughing:
  13. Wait til cball gets ahold of you... Tisk tisk

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    Do you even marijuana, bro?
    This has happened to me OP, although I think for my particular moment I was having oxygen deprivation from tons of smoke all at once.
  15. Hahahaha I don't even know who he is.

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