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Temporary 24 hrs Paralysis by Taking Cannabis

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by todkav, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. Hi community,

    I decided to join the comunity becuase I am very curious about a situation that I have encountered twice already. I am not an avid consumer of cannabis, I just do it sporadically with friends. I usually just have a puff or two, just to feel funny and giggly. However two days ago In experienced having my full body paralysed for second time as a result of taking cannabis. I looked in the interenet and I haven't found much information about it. Maybe 2 -3 people commenting on blogs and such. The symptoms are very similar to those of hypokalemia but not exactly the same. This sickness doesn't seem to be related to cannabis but it is just to have a comparison point.

    During the first time I experience this, I was at a friends party and they made brownies (I don't have much info of the quantity since I didn't see the preparation process). Also I have to add that I had two pina coladas, which mean I did mix with alcohol (You are allow to laugh at this fact :p) . After ingesting the brownies (I had two), I was feeling fine for the next 3 hrs. I was high and funny but nothing out of what is normal. My boyfriend and I left to go home, and once at home and laughing here and there, I notice I could not talk anymore. It became difficult to move my mouth and breathing became a chore. My boyfriend didn't notice right away because it was so sudden. He tought I was just being an idiot and kept laughing. Until <<darn it>> I can't move!!! I was so scare. My mind was still working so I just kept thinking probably someone put something else on the brownies. My bf called my friend to ask but she said that they just put wee on the brownies. My second theory was that, since there was a group of unknown people (friend of friends), they might have maliciuosly put something on m y drink. One of the girls was trying to hit on my bf from the beginning of the party (You are allow to laugh at this as well lol), so maybe it was her, etc, etc. After a few hours my body started twitching everywhere, I had not control over it. I decided not to call my dad or the hospital, because you know.... , I don't want be that idiot person and I didn't want to worry my dad.

    Long story short, It took approximatelly 48 hrs to recover my speech fully and to be my self all over again.
    After this I concluded that it had a bad trip and probably the brownies had something else than weed. It won't come as a surprise for you to know that I didn't do any weed after than.

    Two days ago, I had two friends over. They suggested to smoke so I said YES! The past experience was long forgoten by then so I said why not? She brought a joint that was already pre-prepared (I am from Canada where it is now legal to smoke weed so the packing has more content information)

    My symptoms were the following after having 5 good puffs of a product called "Solei" with 8.21 mg of THC/unit (since this is a recent event, I have more vivid memories and I can recall better the details in comparison to the first time):

    After approximatelly 20 minutes, I was laughing and feeling funny. I was joking around with my boyfriend until I felt it coming. He kept asking me questions but I kept half laughing because I noticed I was paralysed again. I tried to tell him but I was just blowing and half mouthing words. My bf didn't realised right away again and though I was pretending. So he covered my nose jokingly to see if I would react and stop playing games. Until << DAH !! I am not pretending idiot>> My friends noticed and everything became a chaos again. We designed a way to communicate in which I will move my head to say yes or no. My movements were not synchronised and flowy, they were more like twitches (you might ask) . Breathing became so hard, my lungs didn't seem to react as usual. Although my body couldn't move, I was very present in the moment. I remember every single thing that was said. They tried to give me water with a straw but I could not suck, also when swallowing that was hard as well. They decided to lay me down, which I agreed. After 3 hrs of the ocurrance I was slowly gaing back my mobility. After approximately 4 hrs I could move enough so my bf could take me to the washroom. Next morning I was feeling fine, my body was able to move again (THANK GOD!!) , speech was back, my self all over again.

    I got to admit that this is CRAZY! I was so scare! I don't think I want to do cannabies again, and if I do, one puff is enough for me. I believe the first time lasted longer because I ingested the weed vs just smoking it.

    So after this long story, has anyone experienced a similar situation? If Yes, more info. If No, I hope you don't ever have a bad trip like mine.
  2. Your an extreme lightweight is all. Much like my wife is. Take 1 toke and no more.
    Avoid edibles as they are 5x stronger then smoked and can last 8 hours to 2 days depending on the lack of tolerance.

    At dinner my wife likes a toke or 2 but that is enough. At 3 or 4 tokes she suddenly isn't having fun any longer. Even after many years I have to stop her from taking more then 2. I take the pipe from her and say are you sure you want 3? She'll get a funny look and say NO !!. It's like she gets spaced on the first toke and doesn't remember how many she's had..

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  3. I would never smoke again..
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  4. Newbees take a while to find the sweet spot especially for a lightweight like she is. You have to learn to pass that joint on and not take a 3rd and 4th toke.
    Not rocket science just self control when you are an easy stone.

    Her edible experience is nothing new. It can be hard enough for a high dose user like myself to find that sweet spot. I often misjudged my needs early on and had some white knuckle rides and still do from time to time.

  5. I didn't read your post because it's way too long but weed doesn't make you paralyzed lol.
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  6. I read it all and I probably wouldn't touch cannabis again. I had similar effects from seizures caused by head trauma.
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  7. I hear you! :) We smoked one joint among 4 people and we were passing it around. When I started smoking with friends back in uni days, I would only do it one or two times the most. But now I know that's where I have to stop hahaha
  8. Yeah, it is a very long post but I think the details are important. The first time I experienced paralysis I couldn't believe that it was weed that did that....BUT IT DID MY FRIEND!
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  9. I doubt marijuana made you paralyzed, you was probably just like this kid

    As you can see the billy wasn't paralyzed he was just high as fuck & freaked out lmaooooo
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  10. I was so high I couldn't talk one time when I was like 11 but I was ok..
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  11. That doesn't mean you was paralyzed dude lol, I can get high as fuck & not talk to anyone for a day it doesn't mean anything lmaoo
  12. The video was very funny :D. I am not here to convince you, If you don't believe it's cool. The whole purpose I came to this blog is to ask the community becuase this did happened. If you had the chance to read, my bf cover my nose and mouth thinking I would react and stop playing idiot. I didn't want to go into details but I was actually asphixieting, that is how he noticed I was not playing games. :)
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  13. I think you have a very active imagination.
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