Temple Grandin - The Autistic Brain

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  1. Geez.. I don't think I've ever found so much joy from listening to an old lady speak.

    It's funny as hell too ...... maybe not because it's actually 'funny' but more because it's True.

    She talks a lot about educational reform. This shouldn't be used as a means to self-diagnosis.. self-diagnosis is gay.. but I think a lot of people... especially those who are frequent internet users... will be able to relate to what she says. :cool:

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    now that I think about it .. one of the reasons I ended up on the streets at age 19 is because .. frankly, I had no real-world experience, especially when it comes to job-searching.

    I was addicted to video games at the time, had no social skills at all... Barely even left my bedroom at my parent's place. I didn't wanna do housework, I just wanted to play video games and stay in my room drawing comics.

    I remember the first night I 'ran away' from home and rented out this trailer .. I has having nightmares from day one. I hated my parents, but at the same time .. I missed my parents, cause they provided me with food, comfort, etc.

    Of course, 5 years fast-forward.. I've now more or less learned the way of the streets, and how the 'real world works'.. but yeah, I was never quite 'raised' on the streets.. which is why I still feel more like a nerd and not much like a 'gangsta kid'.

    I can't believe I even passed my previous college IT course, I did it virtually without even studying. If there's one thing I hate - it's paperwork. I hate having papers handed out to me. I don't like to read. I'd rather think .. sit there and day dream. Or watch a video.


    I should add - I wasnt even on any drugs at the time. I didn't even drink alcohol..my mum always kept my ID locked up in her cupboards at the time.. and there's no way I would have ever been able to buy weed simply because I didn't have enough friends. I didn't do any drugs at all apart from coffee.. but I was still a 'naturally born Stoner' .. so to speak. :cool:
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  3. i watched like 10 minutes. might come back for more....
  4. Oh my god, I have a sister in politics and a brother who wants to do something in law enforcement

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