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  1. Is there too low of a temp to dry in? Below freezing ok? Would like to dry outside. Maybe put in a box with a light? What you guys think?
  2. when its below freezing and there is snow outside...does it dry?
  3. I would think if the relative humidity was low it would, but thats why I asked...
  4. you also don't want to put a light on the curing buds, they need complete darkness so the cloropyll can break down and smoke nicely:smoking:
  5. drying is the removal of moisture. for this to happen, it has to be able to evaporate/transpire through the plant material.

    when frozen, what is not easily removed from plant material. youre just going to freeze the moisture into the bud, and maybe rupture some cell walls in the process, meaning that it will dry too fast when thawed. (ice is less dense than water, therefor takes up more volume)

    all this means....dont let drying bud drop below freezing. you could store dried/curing/cured bud in the freeze, but not wet shit.

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