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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by VeganAlex, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. I´m growing my plant outdoors, and untill now it has been growing pretty well, however summer temperatures don´t go any lower that 35C (95F) during the day. Can they damage the plant?
  2. hmm, 95 degrees is quite high, the plant can probably survive..but it will more than likely get dehydrated if its like that alot.

    70-80 is about the perfect degrees for marijuana.
  3. shit man, they are weeds man, they can live through hell, so im thinking of a minimum temp of about 60 degrees and a max. up to 100 degrees. it gets 100 and up to around here and i have seen plants live long in it, so i presume it pretty ok to have them in threre
  4. high growers?


    If it is in a smallish pot and can't frequently get water you have to be careful.
  5. As long as you keep it watered sufficiently, it should be fine. My plants have been growing in 100+ degree temps for almost a month now. The trick to growing in high temps outdoors is to limit the amount of direct sunlight, this will help to prevent dehydration. Try and plant where the sun hits it directly during the morning hrs. and indirectly,(partial shade), during the afternoon and evening.

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