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  1. With regard to an outdoor RDWC setup.
    Being the water temp is controlled, can you start plants earlier or does the greenery need the warmth also ?

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  2. as posted recent elsewhere: Starting an outdoor grow now?

    when growing plants in shit weather the deal really is the root temps anything below 18c/ 72? at the root,
    is slow intolerable growth, it can be done simply by doing as much as you can before dropping them outdoors,
    like transplanting a 12 inch plant versus a 4 inch plant.
    the biggest danger is the 5 mins morning frost, that has a tendency to kill quicker than any bullet.
    I've grown in late winter snows and have used a fish tank heater with great effect.

    the deal really is the root temp more so if controlled thru an inkbird, plants (Indica) can stand deep cold for a short while but not the roots, like above ensure they are big and strong enough before exiting the house

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