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  1. Hi guys, hope everybody tokin,
    Iwas wondering if you could heoffer some advice on how to keep my grow room temp up during the dark cycle, the room is insulated and the temp is dropping to 5C.
  2. 5 degrees celcius?....that is very low, your plants or plants are probably suffering from shock allready....you could possibly get a little heater....the most safe would probably be a oil filled radiator.....it can be on whenever, you'd have to buy another timer to work the heater unless you are in everytime the light goes out......where is your growroom?......Peace out....Sid

    ps what temps do you have when the lights are on?
  3. Nice one Sid,
    we were thinking about an oil filled radiator attached to a roomostat set at 20C for the dark cycle, so that reasures us we are on the right track. Luckily we havent started growing yet in the room (its in the attic) we are just testing it before risking our babies. Our max temp with the lights on is about 31C and were aiming for about 27.5C.

    Toke on. Ja
  4. yeah dude hurry up and get those plants outa there bfore they die so theyll live get a heater an electri one gas ones and karosean ones let off fumes that kill you plants you can buy like 1 heater that will heat up your whole room (depending on how big it is ) but like an normal bedroom size you can bring up the temp in like a half an hour to plenty warm enough

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