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  1. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone could help me here? My temp in my grow closet is 81-84 degrees at the root zone when the light is on (which is 24" above my pots. Is this ok? I'm using mars hydro 144 led. my exhaust fan is rated at 188cfm and my closet is roughly 75cf. my air conditioner in my room is as low as it will go and air temp is 69-70° which is what is feeding my intake. I have 2 hurricane 6" circulating fans inside. I've upgraded from a 4" to a 6" intake with a 6" exhaust and my temp is still a little high I think and my RH is around 47% with a humidifier in the bedroom. Any aadvice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  2. 'My temp in my grow closet is 81-84 degrees at the root zone'

    The temp of the soil is vital

    insert a cooking temp. gauge into the soil and get a better reading

    but generally I don't think you are too far off

    for the worst temps you can always raise the light

    or leave the door ajar for 2-3 hours per day

    a temporary high air temp is no biggy

    but a high soil temp is a no no

    good luck
  3. If I'm right here, I believe the optimal humidity is around 40%....so get put a real fan in there around your plants and get the air seriously moving and that'll bring it down some. As long as your temp doesn't get above the mid 80's and on up toward the 90's, you should be OK. I don't know anything about your plants so it's hard to say if you have the distance right between the light and plants. Also...you are growing in a closet and have a small light, so don't get any great designs on growing multiple plants. You have light for 1 plant there...and maybe not enough for that. The way it works with the indoor grow...better light gets you better results. We are attempting to mimic the sun artificially....which is a joke because man can't even really measure the strength of it, but anyway....you really have to overkill on lighting to get these plants to produce like you want. Each plant you flower needs the highest wattage of the correct spectrum light you can manage, plenty of space for the light you have to penetrate the canopy of the plant and not be crowded by other plants shading each other and tended properly. Nutes are plant food and do not determine how fast the plant grows or how large it will get. If you don't have enough wattage, you're not going to grow a very large plant or your buds will not develop out like they should. You need to keep light and plant as close as possible during flower ... without risking light burn...to get the most out of each plant. If you're having to raise your light higher just to cover more plants, you're running too many at once. Most new growers don't have any concept of the importance of lighting or how to use it to their advantage and, like myself, think it's all about the number of plants I run. Actually, you will always harvest more weight from a single plant that is tended properly and gets all the high wattage/high quality flower lighting it needs than you will by flowering 3 in the same space. If you only have light to support 1 plant, doing more just robs all of the thing they need the most to produce. We use 1000 watt HPS lamps for flower. I know they're hot, but the plants love them and they produce some seriously fine buds...but we only run 2 plants under 1 lamp. The HPS fixtures have some reflectivity built into the design and will cover more floor space than most of the LEDs I see. The LEDs tend to be very small-bodied lamps and only shine straight down and do not reflect outward any. It's difficult to get coverage for multiple plants without raising the light....which lessens it's effect on the plant. Now LEDs burn hotter to plants than other forms of light so you have to be careful about bringing them too low, but you want to keep them as close as possible. Only after your plant has gotten old enough and matured enough will it need to be fed. Nutes are plant food and will spur on the growth of the plant, but light is the determining factor of the size of your plant and your harvest weight.

    Read up on lighting. You can use the search bar at the top of the forums page to pull up threads related to different topics. Even browsing around in the forum using "lighting" as your key word will open your eyes to a lot. You're probably going to realize that you don't have all the wattage you need to do what you were planning. I didn't....nowhere close. LOL We all start at 0 at some point. There's a heck of a learning curve with this hobby to. But I assure you, if I can figure it out...anybody can. It's just a process and takes a little time. TWW
  4. I bought the biggest led that was rated to cover my 2'×4' closet. I think the actual wattage is about 314 watts. I did A LOT of research on every facet of my grow to the point I wanted to scream and just say F it but pressed on lol. Everything I heard about my light was amazing and thought I was getting a bad SOB! I really hope I didn't fail at that part of my grow as it's one of the most important factors. I went the biggest and most efficient that I thought I could?

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