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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sam2020, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. Hi Guys

    I'm in the northern hemisphere and its getting quite cold, my plants are in the loft under a 400w hps and 4*2ft fluros, will the colder weather afect my crop, time to flower etc

    any advice appec

  2. keep the temp above freezing obviously, but i would say above 40 for continued growth and above 60 for really nice growth.
  3. Yup my lil bunker gets down to about 55 at night in the dead of winter, actually during a flower period temps like this are to your advantage as the plant thinks it needs tyo reproduce quickly to bveat out the cold of winrter;)
  4. current temp is around 13c - 17c don't work in that ole fas tempfarinheight

    seem ok as they are 2 wks into flowering and theu are about 5ft tall, aaand look good, just waitn on some buds emmmmm

    is this temp ok or should it be warmer, and wot soud I use?

  5. those temps are too cold......are they growing in a box?.....if not, i'd build one round it, to help keep the heat in...........if you allready have one, then i'd maybe put in a very small fan heater..........damn all you's buggers who can use a 400 and keep the heat down, mines goes to nearly 100 degrees farenheit, unless i leave the growroom door open........lol.......hey sam, wanna swap houses?.....lol........Peace out.......Sid
  6. the plants are growing in a net sysem sitting in part of the loft that is sheeted off with black/ white plastic on the centre rafters making an teepee shape tent.

    would one of those little fan heaters from b&q etc around £10 do the job

    was thinking of adding some insulation to the growroom later when I can afford it, like using sheets of insulation material at the back of the plastic,

    any thoughts Sid or others....

  7. a little heater will do the job......just don't let it blow on the plants.......point it elsewhere, and keep a good eye on the temp diffrence......don't want to go from one extreme to the other.......Peace out.........Sid

    ps make sure it's a fan heater and not just a red rod style as those will be dangerous to leave alone.......
  8. seen them for about £10 in b&q

    actually seen this cheap 500w halogen lamp for £6 so thought that would be good UNTIL i turned it on SHIT that thing could melt my growroom< I thnk its the one batman uses in fact i'm away to cut a piece of card, will let u know how I get on :)

  9. never use a halogen bulb........they're shit, and it will harm the plant........only fluros MH and HPS.........and MV, but they're bollocks as well.........Peace out........Sid
  10. thanks Sideous the man does it again!!!!!!!!!!!

    the wee 2 kw fan that I bought has brought the temp back to 20 - 26 C,

    and its a lot warmer up there for the girls!!!!

    maybe you could help with my other prob regarding ENVIROLITE I just bought but have nothing to attach it too
  11. what's an envirolite?........can you decribe it, or get a pic?........Peace out.......Sid
  12. its pretty big, a bit bigger that a hps bulb, it fits into a socket for a hps (same ends)

    was thinking of just buying a wing but they all have a kettle plug but as the envorolite doesn't neeed a ballast it simply nddes a ordinary plug u can see them at most online grow shops

  13. damn sid it gets hott near you AYE??? i know MJ can stand that but holy moly, do you have to be super careful wit your EC???????
  14. no i live in a cold climate, but in an apartment, and downstairs they have a young kid, and they allways have there heating on.......which heats up my floorboards, and then add in the HPS in a small enviroment, and it gets damn hot.......getting better now as winter is setting in......Peace out.......Sid

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