Temperature question regarding 600 watt hps in closet

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  1. I plan on having a 600 watt hps in a 6'X6' closet. I hear that if you had a 600 watt hps in an open room, temperature wouldn't be a problem. So, If I keep the door wide open during the light hours with a large fan blowing from the back corner, on the plants and pointed towards the room, would temperature be an issue?

    If not, what would be a good, cheap way to get the correct temperature given my situation?
  2. Get a 6 inch carbon filter with 300 plus cfm cannister fan. Cut a hole in ceiling to the attic and vent into it then keep the door close if there is enough space at bottom of door for air to pass thru. If not then make a vent or keep door open. You should worry more about odor control then temps. Any type of cooling that involves an exhaust will work.
  3. yeah, but will ventilation be necessary given my conditions of having the light in an empty closet with the door open to a large bedroom? I will have a couple large fans in the closet, one on the closet shelf pointing down on the plants and another one in the far corner blowing in the direction of the bedroom. I figure if I have it in a closet with the door open to the bedroom at all times, it would be basically the same thing as having it in the bedroom itself. And the fans would just circulate the warm air in the closet out to the bedroom.

    As far as smell, I plan on making one of those odor neutralizing buckets with the ONA, soil moist, and a muffin fan.
  4. Ona will just mask the smell. You should make a carbon scrubber instead. That way it cleans the air in the room instead of trying to cover it up. If your not getting fresh air in there then you'll be heating up the room. The reason the 600 does so well in a large room is because the growers are venting the room with an exhaust. That, and the plants need fresh CO2 in the room eventually.
  5. Closets are rooms. Rooms are designed for insulatiion, retain heat. The door has to be open enough fo a fan to blow out air at the top or blow in air at the bottom. Cool air in or hot air out. Carbon filters last for a year. ONA for a year will cost you the same and is not as effective as carbon.
  6. Damn I wish I'd seen this sooner. I coulda told you you'll be FINE but keep a fan blowing on the plants and the door open to get fresh air. DO NOT put that 600 HPS close; keep it around 30in. away

  7. The thing is, I'll be living in a 3 story apartment and the room will be on the 3rd floor. I can't think of anywhere I'd be able to exhaust, not to mention it'd be a mess having to clean all the damages done at the end of the year.

    In addition to this, I figure it'd cost well over 200 bucks to get a decent fan, carbon filter, and tubing to hook up to the hood (but I'm sure you could prove me wrong)

    Here's the floorplan, sorry it's so blurry, I had to zoom in so you could see it, but the 3rd floor will be where the stuff will be. The top room on the far right will be mine (with the square closet) and the bottom room, on the far right (also 3rd floor) will be where we'll keep the mother/clones

    I'm trying to do a cycle starting in August, going through at least April, and what I plan on doing is having 2 plants on cycle to harvest every 3 weeks. That way I can work my way up to 6 plants in the flower room, while taking out the 2 finished plants every 3 weeks and replacing them with 2 more. I figure this won't smell NEAR as bad as having 6 flowering plants at the same stage, hence the reason I thought the ONA bucket would be sufficient enough.

    If you guys really think it'll be a terrible idea to have a 600 in there without a ventilation system, then I guess I just might have to drop down to the 400 and have them on the 4.5 week cycle (and a much smaller yield)

  8. U live in a apartment building.Theres no way I'd leave door open.Or not use a carbon filter.
  9. A $100.00 -$150.00 window mount A/C from sears or one of those portable units for $400.00 ish.
  10. still gonna stink up building
  11. dude get a grow tent, 6 in fan, carbon filter and set it up and go to town, fuck ac thats expensive on top of ur light bill already, get a cool tube for the 600 hps and run ducting to your fan and carbon filter. so u will have two connections to fan one for exhaust from tent and one from exhaust from light, one is heat and other is smell and they meet up at carbon filter. or run your ducting for cool tube straight through. as long as u get heat out of tent and then it can escape from closet and heat your apartment lol.
  12. Growing isn't free by any means. To do it right takes an initial investment. At least buy the fan and filter. A carbon filter is the best option for odor. I know this from experience. Use the ona gel, or something like it as secondary measure to take care of any residual smell that creeps out. Especially if you have your fan off during lights out. Flowering weed will stink like nothing you have dealt with. And I think adk683 has a great idea with the tent. For your situation, being in an apartment, I think it is really the best option. Dropping down to a 400won'tsolve any heat issues. 400 still gets really warm. I have no idea how hot a 600 gets though. I have never owned one.

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