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    Hi guys

    so my set up grow tent is 0.9x0.5x1.8 metres
    i have a 4" tt intake fan and filter set up with ducting and a 400watt hps.
    problem is my temperatures are high! With the doors closed and sealed im up to 100 degrees even with all the door open on the tent the lowest is around 81-82degress.

    How can i reduce the temps?
    I was thinking of changing to a 250watt lamp or getting either a 250/400watt cooltube or will a bigger intake fan sort it?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. You could try a cooltube or better ventilation/fans draw air from the outside depening on your climate or get an AC unit
  3. well the temps are pretty cool here room temp is only about 60-65. as ive just spent loads on the outlay of everything i wanted to try and nail it one go! do you think a cooltube or a new fan would reduce temps most? how much by do you think?
  4. Well i got a fan for my intake once and its hardly dropped the temperature at all, since I'm venting inside the room where the tent is placed. So I would probably either depending on your setup went air outside or into another room or draw in air from the outside..

    If that's not a possibility go for the cooltube or even all 3 things combined seeing as 100 degrees is way more than what's tolerable
  5. But if your room isn't hotter than 65 that's a bit strange my room as around the that aswell and with a 400watt i hardly ever get temperatures over 75.
  6. hmmm im thinking its the light. if the doors are full open and its still 80-85 in tent then however much i extract it wont drop below tht. with lights on the room actually gor up to about 70 becasue of the extracted air.
    i just dont know wether to replace for a 250watt lamp. or probably better to get a cooltube but 250 or 400?!
  7. I haven't tried a cooltube myself but my friend uses one in his grow and he still had to switch to a 400 from a 600watt because of heat issues. I'm not sure what fan he uses for his exhaust but at least, in his case, a cooltube wasn't enough.
  8. No exhaust fan, only an intake fan?

    Try turning the fan around and exhausting the air instead. The tent will stay cooler constantly pulling a negative pressure instead of a positive. However, you need to pull cool air into the grow tent.

    My advice is to exhaust the air outside and pull room temp air into the tent with a 4" passive intake - it will be clean and a relatively constant temp/humidity. And the tent and room will stay at a comfortable temperature pulling fresh air into the room at all times. (now the entire room/tent setup is in a negative)
  9. Are you running an air-cooled hood? It helps.. if you are and still reaching those temperatures, I highly suggest getting an exhaust fan for all that excess heat in your growspace. If you're STILL having problems, then get an AC unit.

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