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Temperature of urine sample.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by BlackIce, Sep 27, 2008.

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  1. Ok, I already have a clean donor. I have the bottle taped to my leg in a sock (so I can just slide it out) with a toe warmer taped to it.

    In 30 minutes, it's already lost 2 degrees (farenheit).

    Should I double up on the toe warmers and just let it cool a little before I hand it to them?
    Or do you think that will keep it the perfect temperature?

    I had one of those temp. strips from a drug test on there, but the water got on it and it's fucked. Been using a regular thermometer to check the temp of it every 30 mins or so.

    Any tips? It's right next to my balls. They said the test would be Monday, but if we were busy they wouldn't have a problem moving it till Thursday. I have a big ass "Omni Clense" detox drink I'll ingest that morning with a bottle of gatorade and fruit pectin just incase I have to give my own sample.

    What are the odds I'll fail with the first, totally clean sample?

  2. give or take i say about 10 fail 90 success, if you add the extra warmer
  3. So wait. Let me get this right, you have this test on Monday, yet you already have the piss next to you're sack?

    Uhmm.. just keep it in the fridge ... it might get pretty smelly and gross being heated for two days. Keep it in the fridge and then warm it up.

  4. I was thinkin the same thing...

    You don't want to store warm urine for periods of time like that. Bacteria grows in it, and this will rat you out (urine is sterile when it comes outta you, so bacteria bein there means it's been sittin)... Put that shit in the freezer, and just use a digi to test temp (those strips suck). I used 2 heating strips to pass my test :)
  5. You've never had a urine sample taped to yourself for 48 hours? You haven't lived!

    Seriously though, to the OP- how thick-headed are you?
  6. I thought everyone walked around with someone else's urine taped to their balls. Hmmm.

  7. No, no, no. I have the bottle with water in it.
    The urine is still in the donor :laughing:

  8. Say what? You confuse me more then highschool did.

    And where did a bottle of water come into play in this?

  9. Holy shizzle people.
    I'm experimenting with the equipment but replacing urine with water until the time comes.
  10. De-tox drinks and products are not reliable for a plan b, your best bet, keep the Urine cold until you hafta take the test then warm it up before you go to. Also the best container to keep it in is a hard plastic case that some cigars come in.
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    sorry. appearently i went too "far" with this post, because it hit a sore spot with the OP

  12. I'd appreciate it if some of the less informative post could be edited or removed.
    Practicing for a piss test is not as stupid as you are..I mean think it is.

    What if I hadn't of done my "retarded experiment"?
    I'd be stuck with cold piss. Good day sir, rot in hell. :wave:
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    As stupid as I am huh?

    Sorry son, watch the way you talkin' to me.

    I don't know who you think you are Mr.big-shot.

    But putting water under your nutsack is not going to help you with this..sorry

  14. And I'm sorry you can't comprehend what you read.
  15. If the temp isn't very very close to body temp you'll be failed. Best way to pass is to stay clean for a few weeks. Anything else is just an act of desperation or an emergency measure for a last minute test.

    EDIT: On you'll fail if it's too high also, so be careful with those warmers.
  16. Sometimes I wonder just how many children No Child Left Behind forgot about.
  17. You and AimedForDeath make 2.

    You haven't said anything helpful this entire time.
  18. I'm sorry?
  19. #19 BlackIce, Sep 28, 2008
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    Why yes, yes you are.
    You're a very sorry excuse for a human indeed.
    Thank you for also admitting that in addition to your ignorance.

    What the F is this? This type of post doesn't float here. *RMJL
  20. You'd be less irritable if you removed the warm water from your scrotum.

    Oh, and look at that...a meaningless negative rep for "spam". Thanks!
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