Temperature - Is It a Growth Factor?

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Is Temperature a growth speed factor

  1. Temperature is not a growth speed factor

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  2. Low temps slow the plant growth

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  3. High temps slow the plants growth

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  4. Both Extremely high and low temps are a negative groth factor

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  1. Hello everyone ... Just wan't to make e question regarding the temperature a plant is growing..

    does enybody knows for a fact if the temperature affects the speed that the plant is growing? and if yes in what way?

    for example a plant that grows in 29-30C will it grow faster than one growing in 25 or 35 degrees ???

    does high or low temps stress the plant and force it to slow down growing???

    Guess its a good question...
  2. not too high.....not too low, that's the way to go, either too high or low will stress the plant, and reduce growth rate, and/or kill the plant........Peace out...........Sid
  3. 70 - 80 degrees is best (i dunno how to convert to celcius):)
  4. 10 deg cel to 30 deg cel max.Cold is not as bad as over heating. And it doesn,t speed up ya just get more :D.

  5. im must STOP to READ this for this is the only way to gett all out of the plant i give a ........ inn what them sey

    fact is over 30c is werry GOOD and HIGER is good to but to get a plant 100% u nead over 30c on the day ang not to cold at night not under 5c this is fact and that is if u whant this
    here is right side

    and yes stress is the right way to go but stress it all the time..... everyday a bit stress is the same as we nead fodd

    and it,s a ? where u live to difrent inn difrent places

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  6. and left side here

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  7. and here is a xtra

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  8. Tita you shure are proud of that beast!

    about the temps its like people or any other organism to low and you freze too high and you overheat. although if you get low temps in the end of flower it brings out purple if the plant has even a bit of purple genetics in it.
  9. 78 degrees is about perfect, below 55 or above ninety can rapidly slow growth

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