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  1. Hey guys,

    Once again i return with another newbie question :rolleyes: Basically, im wondering whats the optimum enviroment as far as temperature and hudmitity go? Currently i have a very dry atmosphere, no humidity record as of yet, and the temperature is around room temp. Not really sure where to take things from here. Any advice is greatly appriciated!

    Cheers all :wave:
  2. Your temp should be 70-80 and humidity should be between 50-60%. Its pretty much as simple as that without getting into detail.
  3. i agree the day time temp(when lights are on) should be 75 degrees with around a 5 degree variance up or down....during the night time cycle the temp can drop as low as 55 with out causing damage although your plants might turn alittle purple...as far as humidity i try and keep 70 percent range in my veg and around 50 to 60 in my flowering room except during the last 2 weeks(75 percent red hair and wehn all the leaves start yellowing) during the hydro flush i try and drop the flowering room humidity levels down as low as i can with a dehumidifier this helps with trichrome maturing and makes for better tasting bud...i harvest when the is about 90% red hair...
  4. True That. MJ will thrive in much harsher conditions though. Mine has been growing outdoors in S. Florida heat and humidity and if it could be better then I don't know if I could stand it. The plant is 6' tall, and full of flowers. Kinda looks like an old timey christmas tree with candles on the branch tips.

    Shows to go ya, that plants thrive in a variety of conditions...even those that aren't ideal.
    If you're growing indoors and the air is too dry, I noticed that the plant respirates a lot and sometimes the leaves get all droopy. You could put a pan of water in the grow room/box to help raise the humidity a bit.

  5. 78 w/ lights on, & usually its drops 5-10 degrees lower when off, & humidity for veg needs to be high (60-75%), & flowering needs to be 50-60%, but try to get it below 40% by harvest.
  6. is there another way to raise the humidity??? I cant get it up above 43 percent in my shit and it drops to low 30's. I have two dixie cups full of water sitting evaporating.

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