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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mattarcher1222, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. I'm looking for something that will completely control the temperature and humidity level in my grow box.. About a $100 limit but if it's more expensive not a big deal
  2. Temperature and humidity are 2 different things and not necessarily controlled the with the same way. An extractor fan will help with both and is the best way of making sure plants have plenty of fresh CO2 rich air...
  3. If its hot get a/c. If its cold get a heater. High humidity get dehumidifier, low humidity get humidifier. Extractor fan can help with heat and humidity. Not really sure what your asking here. Do you really need someone to look these things up for you? Only you know your budget and your environment check in stores or online.
  4. It hinders you when you don't include your setup. Details next time.
  5. Lol, mate temps and humidity fluctuate depending on time of day, outside weather conditions, lights on or off, how many or how big your plants are, etc etc....you won't find a magic box that keeps everything at perfect temps/rh 24/7, or if you do, it certainly won't be for anywhere close to $100....

    If money truly is no big deal, then you could always invest in a microclimatic compact environment chamber, and place the grow box inside that.....problem solved.....your plants will receive the exact temps and humidity you dial in. 

    And all for a mere 30k or so.....

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