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  1. Ok, trying to do my first grow and im wondering how important is it to germinate your seeds before puttin them in the dirt. And will a plant grow in temperatures other than the 70-80 recomended for a grow room?

    Any info is appreciated .=)


  2. I have succesfully started Eight plants out of ten just recently. As with any germinating process your gonna have some that don't take.
    What I do is soak them in water that was boiled then allowed to cool to room temperature. I don't know if it's necessary but I wait until I see the little shoot stick out of the seed, then I plant them in the growing medium. Be sure to plant them with the tap root facing down, this is the starting root of your plant. It pushes the seed husk out of the dirt and when the leaves open they pop the husk of the seed off.

    As far as the tempurature I'm not possitive about this but I try to keep as close to the 70-80 range as possible. I live in the northern hemisphere and thisd can get a little rough sometimes, seeing as we are in the middle of winter right now. The extremes of tempurature that we have is awful, yesterday it was 60 and today it's snowing imagine that. I live next to a great lake and that has alot to do with that.
  3. i start all my seeds straight in soil, they almost always sprout. i don't see any need for extra work.
  4. ok since everyone sees no need for extra work, here is the reasoning behind my seed germinating process.

    I boil water and let it cool, thus killing the germs.
    then i put the seeds i want to germinate in a little tuperware container with enough water to cover them. that's it in a nut shell.

    Then I use the water to mix with the plant food to water my other plants. it saves me from either buying distilled water or letting containers of water sit overnight. So all in all it's not alot of extra work because I am going to boil the water anyways. The boiling of the water seems to stabilize all the chemical contents, when I test straight tap wter with a test strip it has high alkalinity and ph after boiling the amounts are within desired ranges. Thus that's why i do what i do, if it doesn't seem right please tell me why so that i am not just doing alot of extra work for no reason. Because i am new at this mj growing i don't know everything, so i am always open to valid growing techniques.
  5. I have thrown seedsstraight in the ground before and got wicked buds ,but as i can see it this is a forum on the ways to grow mj and everyone has a different method and most importantly a different priority on the qaulity they expect.i have another HOBBY that has the same concept,some go a little of the way and some go all of the way,as long as it is working for you and most of all it makes you happy and one with yourself no matter how far and fastidious you go then its got to be allright:).
    I like to think the way i grow is a combination of all the things that seem important and make sense crossed between my situation and practical room space and equipment,i can see i am going to quest for the perfect bud when i get the basic bud under raps.
  6. Just remember this: its a weed!

    It will grow in almost any condition and can take a tremedous amount of stress before it will die. Now there are some tricky hybrids out there, but all in all, it will gorw in any type set-up with all the screw-ups you can do to it. For thousands of years it grew wild on the banks of rivers and streams and mountainsides.
  7. I am still fairly new to this, but nearly reaching my first crop, I can tell you've fucked up on quite a few, and they still managed to survive. One of my babies was even pulled up by the roots, broke in half and thrown outside in the cold, and the bitch still survived when i replanted it.
  8. oops typo... should read ".. tell you I have fucked up quite a few.."
  9. haha thats great
    I dont have a light right now so they are in my green house.. I think its a little cold, so I took a heating pad out.. hey its sunny at least up here :)
  10. I have found it is best to incubate them in Clear enclosed plastic to get a good "Greenhouse effect" letting them grow in this way will also strengthen the trunk and prevent it from falling over. Moisture is just as important as temperature. In the begining of its life it should be tray watered . This means a "humidity tray" place the pot in the tray of water and DO NOT water from the top until the root structure is better formed. Watering from the top when they are young will lead to root rot and fungus. Also an iron is great fpr steam and heat inside a greenhouse.
  11. big poppa puff is so right. like dcmind i'm nearing my first crop, and i've messed everything up at every stage, snapped stems, over fertilised, over watered, total darkness for 6 days and all in a garage that goes down to 40 degrees at night. I have some glorious looking buds growing now.

    I reckon if you've got a commercial operation it would be important to do everything right to maximise profit, but for people like me who grow for a hobby and cos i like smoking good weed, growing really is quite easy. Next time i'm gonna do it better though!

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