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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by HYDROCAKE, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. For the last two days and repotedly the next two it has been 45 to 50, windy, very cloudy and raining. Where i live usually it has been between 70 and 80 degrees for the last two months. My plants are 3 weeks, 4weeks, and 3 days old, four of them.
    I brought them inside n putm in the closet with the light on about a foot from it(100wattblub).

    Question: Will this hurt the plant, and will it continue to grow even with a regular light on it for 24 hours a day for a few days until the sun comes out again?

    Ps: i have the pot sitn on top of some boxes near the cielinglight fixture and it sits at an angle, inoticed the plants started growing at an angle now (which is straight up:)
    So they have to be doing fine right?

    HERE ARE 6 PICS!!!

  2. Howdy.
    So you started them outside in a small trench and they sprouted but then the weather got bad and you brought them in. put them under a 100 watt light. ok first off youll be best seperating them in different pots quick as they look like their root formations could probrally be gettin tangled. i just say this because even a seedling gets lots of roots ya know. so a repot one per pot is in order. sorry you didnt ask for that advice. secondly a 100 watt regular ol house bulb will keep them alive but they need many more watts or much more sun. if you got some more lights to use i would, so the grow could keep progressing cause i jus dont see a 100 watt bulb being reasonable... get them back out asap or get more light.

    my seedlings (6 of them) are under aprox. 1200 watts of fluros, 4 48 inch fluros. confessions of an impatient grower
  3. Ok thanks thats what i was looking for, i had planned on taking them out and putting them in the earth that day but the weather got really nasty so theyre stuck together for at least one or two more days tops.
    Thanks again for the advice, i'll take a couple of hanging lamps i have and put them on'm. Best i can do for this short time.
    I'd be crushed if something happened to my ladies!!!

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