Tempe stoners thread

Discussion in 'General' started by jazzysmokes, Jul 23, 2017.

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    Stoners in tempe unite
  2. Sketched out

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    Is going to mill probably the best place to find a "connect" in Tempe? How'd you guys go about? Just straight up ask any person who looks like they partake and if they know where I can find some? Been so dry I don't even care

    (I know there's already forums on how to find a new connect in a new town and I've read them )
  4. I'm 420 friendly :love-m3j:
  5. Hahah :volcano:Can you help lol?
    (I don't know how PM works here:)
  6. You gotta start a conversation to pm
  7. Go to kiwanis on wednesdays there's a kickback that a bunch of ravers go to and that's usually where i go when my plug is dry
  8. That's the park right?
  9. Yeah

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