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  1. hey GC how yall doing i been doing some reserch and making my own pc grow bow. in it i have 3 cfl lights 6500k and 3 fans 1 intake 1 exaust 1 inside for air movment. i have not started growing yet i just been running my box without anytihng in it to make sure its perfect and im gettign to hot of temps, average temp is about 88, but have seen it get up to 92.

    whats the premuim tempature for a computer box, because this seams to hot
  2. 75 is a perfect temp for mj...
    I have no idea about pc boxes,,,, occasionally crawling up to 90 wont hurt ya to bad but as an average not good....

    try looking for pc case grows, they are here man...
  3. thats too hot get it down to about 80 with lights on
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    Here are a few pictures of my box i made currently

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  5. I too have just started a microgrow in a cabinet. It got up to about 90 degrees or above but then I shut off a useless light I had running and put in an old xbox 360 fan that keeps it at about 83. And my seedling is looking nice and green on the 5th day with already its second level of serrated leaves starting.

  6. hey gatgrower are using a computer power supply or did you wire the fans up to a 12 vac/dc adapter? becuase if there wired to a wall adapter then check the amount of milliamps (mA) your adapter is rated for because if you don't have enough your fans will run slower and wont exhaust as much hot air out of your case i know because this is what happened to me after i got the right adapter my temps dropped 6-8 degrees. So you need to figure out how much mA your fans use, my fans are rated at .37A or 370mA and i have 4 of them so 4 x 370mA= 1480mA so i need a 12v adapter with a least 1.5A to run all my fans at full speed but its always smart to get a adapter that has slightly more mA than what you need just in-case you want to add 1 more fan. you can find these 12v ac/dc adapters at radio shack a 1.5A or 1500mA adapter is $25 and you have to wire them up yourself or you can go to the site i went to and order a 12v 2A/2000mA for $14.95+ shipping and its pre wired with a 4-pin molex connector!! oh yeah and this is my 1st post!!:wave:


    adapter= CG 110v AC to 12v DC Power Supply with 4 Pin Molex (2000mA)
  7. thanks dark star budds. ya i have to get a 12v adapter. i have it hooked to a 9, i didnt even think about that i just wired it up. i wish i did now. damn. lol
    and welcome to G C

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