Tempature issue! +rep for help

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    My new 150W hps shot temps in the room from
    the mid-high 70s to the mid-high 80s
    but it is also warmer than its usually been outside/inside overall because warming up outside but what ways do u suggest i keep temps down?
    i have two fans blowing the hell out of the air to try and cool it off so...
  2. Put some ice behind the fans? haha I don't know man :smoke:
  3. Exhaust! Exhaust! Exhaust!
  4. haha ice...ima have to try that =P

    i hear you on the exhaust..
    so how would u best suggest doing that?
    i have two fans blowing in there, one right at the light
    another on the floor blowing cooler/fresh air into the closet
    but im not cutting any holes in walls
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    What is your intake/exhaust setup like for your cab?

    EDIT: Whoops, looks like you posted before I replied.

    So you're growing in a closet? I made this suggestion earlier today in another thread, so here goes.

    You could possibly put up a 2nd door behind the main door into the closet. This way you could cut an intake in the bottom of that door, and an exhaust at the top. Then you can add a fan to the exhaust hole. This will create negative pressure in the closet (pushing out more air than you're pushing in), so the only way air will escape is through your exhaust fan. If you choose to add a carbon filter, all you have to do it add it to the exhaust fan and you're set.
  6. maybe exhaust to the attic?
  7. uploading pics now..
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    Yeah I know it's been said already but you will have no choice but to increase ventilation
    in that closet. Either that, or get rid of your HPS and go with something else but all lights
    are going to throw some heat. Mid to high 80's isn't optimal, but you can still grow in that
    temperature range.

    Are you still vegging that or are you ready to flower?

    What is the humidity level in the room?

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  9. [​IMG]
    current pics...now u can see what i mean and better help troubleshoot..
    and once again..no holes in the wall
    and the fan in the bottom of the closet was just for the emergency that temps were at 90 and i cant have it in there all the time..its too big and hella noisy
  10. get some black vinyl/ plastic (light tight) too hang up in the door way, pop the hinges off the door hang the plastic/vinyl and put an exhuast in the top corner pulling hot air out?
  11. So you already have two fans, can't add any ventilation at all, and want to grow? I guess
    if I were you I'd ditch the HPS and go with CFLs then, at least most CFLs dont get so hot
    that you can't touch them.

    Either that, or grow with 90 degree heat. It's doable, just not optimal, like I said.


  12. thanks! i want to use the hps as much as possible..so i might just
    turn it on a few hours a day or something like that instead of leaving it on all the time..
    i was trying to ditch the cfls and use them for vegging..
    any way i could use what i already have to make better airflow without cutting holes?
  13. What were you using prior to this 150 HPS?

    Are you saying your normally good daytime cab. temps were like 77F. and this one HPS pushed it up to 88F.ish?

    Whats your incoming air temps when your inside cab. is at that 88F.?

    Does your HPS have the ability to be air cooled?
  14. id set up a fan just above your light blowing away from your rig

    this will serve, albeit only somewhat, to push the hot air away from the grow.

    id recommend you build a cabinet. just get a few particle board slabs from your hardware store, like 2'x4', some corner brackets, and some screws.

    put it together, each bracket joining 2 pieces of the box. put a lid on it, and then you could cut whatever holes you wanted to. it will regulate your airflow MUCH more efficiently

    you have to have both cool/fresh air coming in AND pushing the hot/stale air away for temps to stay controlled.

    with just a duct fan, and a shitty walmart 4-in fan, i keep my 2'x2'x4' cab 78-83, and im using 150w HPS and an additional 188w cfl (214w when I run the uv-b bulb)
  15. valleyhempz has a good idea. Instead of building a complete new door between your grow and the closet door, just use some of that thick black plastic. That would be easier to cut holes in for ventilation.

    You could also try building a new enclosure for your HPS light, and add some air cooling to that. You're still going to have to have some way of pulling air from outside the closet, and venting to outside of the closet again though.

    I like building cabs :) So I'd prolly go that with. If I went with the plastic door idea, I'd put up the plastic, add intake at the bottom and exhaust at the top. Only putting a fan on the exhaust, so I have negative pressure. I'd also see if I could rig up some sort of cooling on the current enclosure for the HPS lamp, or build a new enclosure and cool that (splicing into the intake and exhaust mentioned earlier).

    If you don't want to do any of that, experimentalist listed your other options.

  16. well its been cold here the past weeks/months and now its warming up outside..
    and i was using fluro tube shoplights before[pics in signature]

    i dont have a thermometer outside the growroom but i can always put one
    up..and the hps is a floodlight so i dont see how besides blowing hot air off it
  17. Your other two choices are #1. Make sure your lights off period is already during the hottest part of the day and #2. Add Co2,@1500ppm Co2 your plants will thrive in 88F.unlike the normal 500ppm we have in the air we breath which 75F. is the optimum temps.;)
  18. any tips on a diy co2 or something cheap??
    a new fan is defiantly going to have to be purchased...
  19. To really be honest Co2 and cheap just dont belong together.

    A bottle and regulator or burner and a meter/controller are the only real options(and with your heat and such small room) the bottle/regulator/meter/controller is your only choice here.

    $700.00 would do it if you got everything from a hydro store new,im figuring $150 for the reg and $100 for the bottle and $450 for a good meter/controller.

    I know you can find the meter for $50-$150 used to new if you want to spend the time to do some fiddling to make it work which could bring the price for the system to $300-$400.:D
  20. are you in veg still or just started flowering?

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