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  1. The temp in my grow box is 25C with lights on and ventilation, it falls to 20C without lights or ventilation. is this ok?
    P:S: got seeds from another bag of weed, it was called "thai weed", any1 heard of it?
    Good stuff anyway whatever it was,
  2. eh imkinda stoned, not positive of c / f temperature differences. but, good temperatures feirenheit would be about 70 degrees.
  3. your temps are fine celtic
  4. yep, thats what i wanted to hear!
    Thank god for that, now im all set
    got my seeds germinating in compost,got my lights hooked up....etc....
    Im ready to grow!
    Hopefully, if all goes well, ill be posting in the grow journals soon,
    of course ill be here too, annoying yee with questions and stuff...lol
    Happy growing y'all!
  5. thai weed could be close to what we call chocolate thai or thai sticks it is a high grade marijuana.
  6. I was thinking about that too, the buds were tiny but there was a few of em there, and i found a piece of string in the bags, i dunno? it was good stuff though,
    I dont know that much about weed,cos i can only get hash here,but i smoked white widow and this stuff would match it to say the least, lol
  7. Supposedly all Asian strains are naturally hermaphroditic, someone tried to sell me "Thai" with no seeds in it , it was good , but not "Thai".
  8. I never knew dat,
    If my little seed turns out to be a herm, what should i do?
  9. Theres 2 things u can do with a puffta plant.
    1, spend ages pulling the male flowers off and still end up with loads of seeds in ur stash.
    2, just let it get on with it and hope u aint got hay fever.

    Thai is an amazing smoke and well worth the trouble. it does have its draw backs apart from wanting to be a ladyboy.

    it grows real tall real fast. i'v had them out grow grow rooms b4 now.
    they can take 16 weeks to flower... as in 4months!!
    You dont get a lot of bud 4 the size of the plant, ur plant will b big tho and the bud u do get when u smoke it u'll wanna do it all over again.

    i grow a lot ov haze thats a lot like thai cus i love it and cant really buy it cus its such a pain to grow. i turn the light down to 12/12 as soon as the 2nd set of spikey leaves show and still end up with a fair size plant and sum real gud smoke.
  10. Cool,
    Im gonna have to switch to 12/12 fairly early so cos my grow box is only 80cm high!
    Its either that or Train it.
    As soon as i have enough experience with these im gonna hopefully grow either NL or WW, cos theyre nice and short lol
    I was thinking about super-haze but like sid said "Jack and the beanstalk"....lol
  11. Have a think about pruning to keep ur plants short n stocky.

    I tend to chop the tops off above the 4th node then do the same again with the 2 new tops that grow from the branches at the 4th node giving me a plant with 4 tops if u get my drift.

    In practise its a bit like growin "sea of green" but just in 1 pot lol..

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