Temp range with lights out?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Gannonthatsme, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Is there a limit to how cool it can get with the lights out during flowering? If the space runs at 76 with the lights on is 55 too cool when it goes dark?
  2. YES it will stop growth try to get it up higher, 5-10f lights out I keep mine at 73on 66off
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  3. 55 is too cool bro, it will slow the growth.
  4. I agree that 55 is pushing it... It'll slow things down for sure.

    Try to keep it 60+
  5. Try and shoot for a 10c difference between dark & light.
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  6. yea there shouldnt be more then a 10 deg difference

    I dont see why it would change much more then a few deg if you have proper air flow set up and the room is done correctly

    my room is between 70-72 deg F all the time, I have a computer that monitors temps and gives times when it was a certain temp and I have never seen it go outside of the 70-72 range

    I also have a really good setup that was designed by a professional so I have proper air flow into and out of the room and the temps are controlled by a green house climate controller - I use one from this place Home-Customizable Greenhouse Automation and Hydroponic Systems and although its made for a much bigger setup then what I have I got it for free from a friend so I used it and I love it
  7. Thanks fellas. Steps being taken to fix the problem. The setup is in an old house with an unfinished basement and it gets very chilly at times. The lights are the ONLY heat source. It's only dipped into the fifties for the last week so I don't think panic is in order. Probably just delayed everything.

    Plants look good, compared to pics of other first time grows (bagseed, of course), but I'm 5 weeks into flowering and seems like it has slowed a bit. Got super lucky, 6 of the 8 plants turned out to be females. Which seems pretty rare from what I read.
  8. Another point is try make sure the pots don't get too cold on a cold floor, although the canopy will get warm from the lights, if the root is still cold you'll get poor growth.

    Perhaps try a heated propagation mat.

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