Temp problems in pc box

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  1. Having temp problems only have 3cfls in there instead of 4 here is a picture with details

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  2. One thing, exhaust should be the larger of the 2 fans. You want a negative pressure in the box.
  3. i made a pc box too this is what i had problems with. i had one intake and one exhaust. i switch the intake around so i had two exhaust and it helped alot! just make sure you have some vents at the bottom for cool air to come in at. have the exhaust fans at the top! this should help alot
  4. Hey dood, your current fan setup is doing nothing but sucking the cool air right back out.
    For PC setups you want to intake from the front bottom then out-take from the top back. This creates thee best airflow for basic setups. You can also use a side intake and top out-take for even more cooling, but will require better odor control.


    good luck

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