Temp of nutes in res? DTW coco

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  1. Hey guys I’m growing in coco with a dtw/rtw setup I have made. Also has a automated watering system. When growing like this are you ment to have the nutrient temp 20-22C ? Does temp matter in dtw/rtw? I have a 60L plastic trash can as my reservoir and fill it to 40L. It’s winter in Aus now and my reservoir is about 11C. Should I use a fish tank heater/thermostat to get the temps up?
  2. Yes I would you don't want it that cold
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  3. Righto I’ll put the heater in now
  4. I can't wait for winter to get back to this side of the world . It's easier to add a little heat than all the ac and dehumidifier
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  5. Yeah I know what you mean haha. Last year was my first year growing indoors and it was summer here. 45C in my shed some days, crappy ac that didn’t do much. Every fan I could going power bill was through the roof. Now it’s the opposite everything is freezing
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  6. Ended up putting 55w aquarium heater into my reservoir today. Found a thermometer I use to use when smoking meat so decided to put it to work. And decided to change my recirculating pump. Now it pump from the bottom to the ring around the top then drops back in. Not sure if there is any benefit but looks good.
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