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  1. I set up a room not too long ago and now that its starting to got hot out here in the midwest my room temp is going up, looking for any advice on how to keep it normal, heres my set up....

    currently only veging with 2 400w MH and a 175w mh in a 11x10 room 12 plants all together, i have 2 400w hps when flowering comes and all will be ran at once.
    My vent system is a 50 cfm bathroom fan for intake and a 500cfm inline home depot brand for out take with a homemade carbon scrubber attached and also a scll window ac unit and both in take and exaust fans are in window with filters attached.
    Last night i turned ac off thinking it wouldent be needed and when i woke up it was 100 degrees F normal temp is high 80's (88 right now with door open drawing cool air from house with fan) i am affriad that when i turn on the 2 hps temps are gonna be too high.
    from what i told you can you tell me what im doing wrong? or ask any more questions if needed, Thanks alot GC
  2. Well, you turned off the AC...why are you surprised the temp jumped up?

    Obviously the 100 degree range isn't ideal, but this plant is strong & resilient...it'll survive (if you're worried about initial stress on the plants).

    You mentioned having an AC unit...are you not able to keep that on on the days where it spikes up to 100+? You said you turned it off "not thinking it'd get that hot" ...but then it did...so why not just learn from your mistake & start using your AC when needed?

    Do you properly ventilate your reflectors/lights? If not, is that an option, or are you stuck dealing with the heat of the lights no matter what?

    Keep the air moving, and try to intake air from the coolest place possible. But again, I don't understand the reasoning behind your question when you have a working AC unit.
  3. if you want cooler temps, more $ is required.

    try to air-cool your lighting and increase exhaust ventilation. the A/c unit is good because it can also lower the humidity as well as the temp, but they are costly to run.

    also are you running any fans to stir the air inside of the room?
  4. Yea I have 3 fans in the room to stir the air, I was thinking high 80s low 90s temp is a bit high and yes I would love to be able to not run the ac 24/7 due to the cost to run it
  5. And my whle set up is based around cost, it is a very big issue thanks to the ol lady....
  6. if you have the space, fill a large container with cold water from the tap. i am talking like 55 gallons at least. this will cool the room down at least a couple degrees but will need to be drained and refilled every time it reaches ambient temp for max cooling abilities. i use this same method, and use the water inside to water my plants. it also allows excess chlorine to dissipate. i also have a couple of airstones in the container to ward off algae and to keep from getting stagnate.
  7. thats a dam good idea cause i have the space to do that +rep, would adding ice to it help or hurt any?

    and is it true that plants stop growing after temp reaches 85 degrees? i heard that today
  8. i feel that plants can continue to thrive up until about 90-95. i run my flower chamber at 70 at night and 85 when the lights on. higher temps speed up metabolic rates and also call for increased co2 levels. MJ regulates its activity with the level of co2 present, but anything over 95 will cause a chemical imbalance within the leaves rendering the plant unable to photosynthesize its food.

    oh and ice would definitely help.
  9. Idk if its already been sqid i didnt feel like reading everyones post but use ur 500cfm fan for intake instead of out. Positive pressure is better then negative i guarantee u notice a huge difference just by turning that fan around.
  10. negative pressure will ensure air is evacuated out of room. only blowing air inside of room may cause humidity issues along with everything that goes with it.
    air must be evacuated to ensure proper "fresh" air is available throughout.
  11. If u have positive pressure the air will be exchanged no problem otyerwise it would inflate like a balloon the air will evacuate it will take the path of least resistance. Hospitals use positive pressure because its more sterile then negative pressure. As the Op says hes having heat issues not humidity issues have an active intake and passive exhaust i use it it works perfectly fine. Almosy anyone will tell you positive pressure works better then negative. I have a huge closet for flowering and it has my hps i have positive pressure in the flowering room. My veg space is a 2x4 tent with negative pressure and a big cfl my flowering fan comes on half as much as my veg fan and there the same size fans.
  12. sorry, but this guy doesnt have a tent. it is a 11x10 room with lots of plants. i have a similar size room wwith the same amount of plants. humidity will build up and it is not very efficient to blow air in a room and hope it is going out of a small remote vent. also a fan can remove air 5x more efficiently from a room than it can blow into it.

    but what do i know, i still like to play with dirt.
  13. I didnt say he was using a tent and im not saying u dont know anything so dont get upset. If humidity is gonna build up it would probably be safer to get a dehimidifier. I understand that price is an issue but u can only do so much with something before u need more.
  14. dehumidifiers will raise the temp in the room, he wants it to go down.
    i am not mad, if you cant keep up with the conversation, dont bother trying.
  15. I feel im up with conversation just fine so no reason to get rude bro. I was just applying what works better for me and trying to help i cant preach about what i dont have experience about thats why i prefer positive.
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    I have a small cabinet with a 600 watt hps and two 150s for my mother veg and my clone side. Its in my garage and the temps were hitting the 100s. I installed an ac unit with ducting for the air input and a 465cfm blower for exhaust. Hottest it gets now is 80 f. I have the ac on a timer it runs only with the 18/6 light cycle
  17. sorry brownie, but ya dont know what your talking about, you even said so yourself!
  18. I dont recall saying i dont know what im talkin about i remember sayin i only know what works for me, whats working for me this very instant i also know that when i turn my fan around and use negative instead of positive pressure my temp goes up 10f easy but whatever man interpret it as u may.
  19. Direct vent those lights. I have a 1000 in an attic room, in the midwest. With my light on it's own loop I only get up to about 76. However I also don't run my room after mid June. Also I run everything at night. Gives me a lower ambient temp in the attic. obviously when the ambient temp gets up to 110 I am fucked. Oh yeah my room is only 3ft. x 4ft. x 7.5ft.
  20. doesnt that mean you dont know?!?!

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