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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by *Karma, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. So I had a humidity issue for a bit, RH was between 80% and 90% percent. My fix was a room dehumidifier but it's throwing off just enough heat to raise my room temp to between 83 and 88° during the hotter part of the days, is this ok or is it too high? My plants are doing fine but I don't want to stunt their growth.

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  2. I believe a regular old AC can slightly lower your humidity along with the temperature . You’ll probably be okay for now but I don’t think you want to keep those temps.. unless she’s the real heat resistant variety..
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  3. Thanks for the quick feedback, the intake is coming from a separate room, I was thinking of getting an AC in that room witch should blow cool air into the grow room and bring down the temp. I'm in veg now and figure it won't matter to much until I switch to flower (but I could be wrong). I've had high Temps before but not this long.

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  4. Do you have an inline fan and ventilation set up to extract the heat out of the tent?
  5. You can make it in that heat as long as you have fans moving around the plant. I was hitting 100 degree temps with super high midwest humidity a year ago in a tent in my garage and keeping the lower canopy open and having air move through it saved me.
  6. Yes I do

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  7. There is good air flow, glad to know it won't make a big difference, normally I grow during cooler months but thought I would take another run at it now. The summer Temps just made me paranoid a bit.

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  8. 88˚ is a bit too hot and I have had a lot of problems with high heat during the summer. I started some clones in high heat and their roots never migrated into the larger pots. I use a grow shed (with no A/C) and also have some pretty serious spider mite and aphid problems but only when it gets hot. Current plants (July) should have been harvested last week but they are dragging their feet (dragging their roots?) about being ready. That's too bad because we are coming into the first heat waves of the summer and they don't like that heat.

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