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  1. I'm 4.5 weeks into flower and have had humidity problems it being between 70-80 I have managed to get dehumidifier and got it down to around 50 but my temps have now gone up to around 32 I had them at steady 26 before introducing humidifier. I have 1.2 squared tent with 6inch exhaust fan blowing out of tent but not out of roon and 4inch in take coming from outside. Any ideas of how to lower temps a little.? Thanks gc!
  2. First of all you will find a whole lot more success if you take your exhaust, and exhaust outside of the room where you get your intake from. Stale hot air is no good if it's being pulled right back into the grow area. After you have the hot air exhausting far away, if you can cool the ambient temperatures around the outside of the grow area, it will allow for cooler air to be pulled into the grow area.

    Make sure your exhaust is in the top corner of the grow area, and have the intake at the opposite corner on the bottom. You want the new air to enter the growing space, and flow over the plants up towards the light then pulled out once it's hot.

    I'm a bit confused with the size of your tent. Is that 1.2 meters sq? what's the cubic space of your growing area? Take the CFM from your fan and use that to calculate how often the air in the growing space is refreshed. You want a minimum of two minutes, but you should aim for about 1 minute. Some people go as far as 20-30 seconds though. For me personally, I have a 40 cubic foot tent with a 164CFM fan so in an ideal setup I'd refresh the air 4 times a minute or so. But keep in mind adding ducting and filters lowers your CFM a bit each time. Realistically my room is refreshed every 45-60 seconds.
  3. Add a lung room with an A/C. There are many different ways to do this and it really depends on whats best for you.

    Basically you have your fresh air from outside vented into a room/ box of equal size to your grow room/tent, this will be the lung room, apply an A/C to your lung room either portable or window unit and cool the air that then is vented into your grow room. with either a/c there will be hot hot air from the back of the unit (portables are alil diff.) that can be vent into your attic along with the hot air from your grow room. That the basics of what a lung room is.

    Or get a strain that in resistant to mold in the future.
  4. Ditch the dehumidifier, buy a cool tube. problem solved.

    The humidity is coming from stale air not being exhausted at a fast enough rate. Dehumidifiers are for sealed rooms and/or larger plant numbers due to large amount of respiration.

    I would also ditch the intake fan, when running an open exhaust, the negative pressure created from the outtake will bring plenty of fresh cool air via passive intake.

  5. Agreed .

    Vented hoods make all the difference in the world.
  6. Thanks for replies everyone I have got rid of humidifier and temps have gone Down to 26.8 and since got new exhaust fan humidity stayin around 45 so much better I will defo look into cool tube for next time! If I get rid of intake will that effect temps again u think or not!? I would ideally like temp at 24-25 Thanks
  7. My exhaust fan is connected to 5inch rhino filter also.
  8. Usually an intake fan isn't required if you have an adequate exhaust system. The negative pressure created from the exhaust should create a sufficient passive intake. From all the parts of your grow area that isn't sealed air tight, the negative pressure will suck the cool air through anyway it can.

    I don't run with an intake fan the passive intake is more than enough for me.

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