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    My room size is 1.5x1.8x6 with 4x 42w cfl's. I'm running temps at 86-89. I would like to get this lower bcuz I wanted to add 2 more 42w cfl's in there, also its not the peak of the summer heat yet. I only had 1 intake hole and I was looking around and people were saying to have 2 the same size as your fan, so I cut another intake. Checked temps again today and theres no difference. I also left the window open last night to let cold air in here... its gotta be 65 degrees in here but my closet is still at 86. I'm venting from the room right into the closet that its in, do you think this is causing the heat problem?.. The closet doors are open a little. I also have a fan blowing on the lights to cool them down.

    When u put ur hand down to the intake hole u can feel air being pulled. I'm not sure where im going wrong.. 80cfm pulling through a carbon filter.. so about 32cfm is being exausted
  2. You might want to look into some kind of AC unit, having the door open a little is just asking for light leaks :smoke:
  3. With the added intake hole temps are down to 84.9. I have an AC for my room so I very well could run it when it gets hot. What temp is the absolute max in flowering?... How much does high heat screw with ur yield/quality?

  4. Sounds clear enough that you're not getting enough air through. But 84.9F should be fine, I think...I'm nowhere near an expert there, but that seems to be around the limit of "safe" temperatures for most strains.

    You need a more powerful fan if you want to lower temps with that setup. Or cooler lighting. Have you considered having your night period during the hot part of the day, if it isn't already?
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    You should be fine for vegging but I've been told you want a little cooler in flowering because high temps slow or damage the production of thc. I don't know if its true but makes sense. Plants flower in fall when its warm but starting to cool down. I had my plants vegging at 85ish and flower in high 70s
  6. Also, if you want the door cracked, line the door with felt material. It will keep light from leaking in but allows some air. I keep my lights on at night with the door cracked. They turn off when I wake up so I just close the door about 30minutes after the lights turn off so some hot air can get out and then I close the door with the fan on for another hour. The lights and fan turn back on about the time I get home so I crack the door. Work the light schedule around your daily schedule. It helps a lot
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    Lights have been 24hrs for the past 3 days just to get her up and running, today I switch to 18/6. I'm doing 7pm-1pm, and when it goes 12-12 ill be running 7pm-7am. Temps went slightly up.. 86degrees.. buts its nighty night for the girls. Will running 24hrs create more heat then 18/6?

    I will be running 18/6 either way, but I'm just wondering if it will drop me maybe a couple degrees with the lights having to heat up rather then them being hot 24hrs.

    also.. 1.5x1.8x6 = 16.2 CFM I should need to clear that room.. even less if u do the every 5 min, so 32 cfm is double what I need for smell.. I guess thats not the same as heat tho
  8. You mentioned a carbon scrubber, do you have the fan pushing air directly into the filter or a fan pulling air through the filter?
  9. I like pullin air through the filter then out of the room.
  10. I'm going to take my inline fan off my carbon filter since I don't really need the filter for smell right now. I'm going to hook the inline up as an exhaust and check temps after that, if that improves the temps I will get a couple computer fan for exhaust and just carbon filter my closet. Right now my carbon filter is inside my grow filtering air and being used as main exhaust.

    edit - Im pulling through the carbon filter
  11. So lastnight I put my temp gauge on the floor to see what my temps are at the bottom of my room... 70 degrees. Moved the temp gauge to just under my plants but slightly out of lights view... 80 degrees. I never thought about it before but I have a table basically blocking all my airflow from the bottom of my room. Today I'm going to remove that table, shift my lights down, put my lights on the floor and we will see if that helps temps.
  12. Any way we can get a picture of your set up and fans and exhaust? Might help. Have you thought about venting the heat into the ceiling or into another room through the wall? I'm working on maybe busting a hole through the wall into a closet in another room.
  13. Nah, this is a stealth mission, my gf's parents (who bought the house) wouldnt be happy. I took the table out and moved everything to the floor and it seems alot cooler in there. I will update in about an hour with temps
  14. You could turn your entire room upside down and resolve the situation that way. No need to rearrange anything!

    I'll leave figuring out how to deal with gravity up to you, if you're down for it.
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    Well if you can bust a vent hole, some chicken wire and stucko should fix it like new. I'm in an appartment and I'm going to bust a whole through the wall into the closet in my room to vent the air
  16. Temps are at 82.9, humidity 37%.... I figure humidity will go up as it gets more humid outside, but for now I have a small glass of water in the room to raise it a couple points. I'm looking good for now then I guess, hopefully it stays low when it gets a little warmer out.
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    Thought about getting an AC unit to put in there? If its not hot out and its running low 80s, what's it going to be at when it gets hotter outside? Plan it now to help protect your plants
  18. Yesterday it was 25degrees outside and temps were at 85-89 and the average for my city in july is 24degrees..... max recorded was 34degrees. A very hot day would be around 30. I live in canada so theres not to to much to worry about hot summers. With this change in the room, my temps are 4-5 degree lower, which would mean on a day thats its about 30 out the room should be around 95 degrees. I'm running my lights are night with a window cracked and they run from 7pm to 1pm, so they will only be in that kind of heat for maybe 2 hours.... if it does even get that hot in there
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    Ooooooo yeah you should be good. I live in Cali. Not a hot part of Cali but temps do get in the 80s and 90s sometimes. I'm saving for an AC unit if I can find one that will fit in the closet
  20. Yeah, AC units are expensive to run tho :(. I'm adding co2 to my room bcuz of the high(er) heat. I wanted to do it from the start .. dunno why i didnt :rolleyes:

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