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  1. Hello everyone.
    So I have an attic operation going and was wondering what a good and cost effective way to lower the temperature of the room would be. i already have two fans blowing. The temp gets too hot on hot days. the hottest has been around 94!:mad: what should i do?!?!? thanks for your time!
  2. Well you need to extract the air somehow is there any vents you can hook into? A simple step would be to use a simple exhaust fan and run it into a current tube that is leaving the house. Permitted smell is not an issue. Then a scrubber might be in order. More info would be good such as room size and light type
  3. If the house is yours, i would install a wind turbine vent since is sounds like your attic needs it anyway. The round metal things you see on top of peoples houses spinning with the wind blowing. If its a rental though, you should find the vent slits and put a window fan blowing out as an exhaust fan. Tough problem though, and good luck with your hobby.
  4. Just wait until it isn't winter! Attic grows are notoriously difficult because of temp issues. You need a source of cool fresh air and a way to exhaust hot air. You might need to build an insulated cab up there that has heating and a/c.
  5. Yea, if your going to grow in the attic no question about it, you are going to need an a/c unit, more fans will just blow more hot air around, its not going to cool anything, if might fell like it, but the temp gage will tell the truth. A little 5000btu 110 unit did the trick for me.
  6. so i decided to change the light cycle to go from 12 am to 12 pm. this turns off the 400wHPS have up there at around noon. , when it starts to get really hot around 3pm i will have been bringing in cool air since after the lights went out. I hope this doesnt mess up the flow of things. I have already noticed much more rapid growth, and a much more stable temperature range. but it gets warmer for a few hours after the lights go out and then quickly cools, will this effect the plants cycle?
  7. im starting an attic grow and am building a controlled room. im venting it to an a/c room below, and putting in an exhaust fan to extract heat. it only cost 100 bucks for all the materials, check my thread for pictures, its not done but ull get the idea. if budget, or parental control isnt an issue id try it. the exhaust will create negative pressure in a sealed room pulling the nice cool air up. hope you find a solution.

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