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Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by matt3984234, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. Does anybody worry about grow tent temp when using CO2? I have heard the temp is OK up to 90F, my grow seemed fine, wondering if anyone is doing something different.
  2. we've had some pretty nasty heat these last few days and my tent has been hitting a high of 94F. it's probable not good for them, but i have no way of installing AC yet, so I just have to make do. the plants seem to be doing just fine from what I can tell. a little sweating here and there, but nothing a little airflow and defoliation can't fix
  3. Yeah, I run in the 90s all the time in my grow tent. 1200 watts of LED lighting. Room temp is in the low 70's, dehumidifier keeps the sweat down in the tent. (Water temp is 70F). A/C in the tent would be a trick. Really hate to vent and lose all the Co2.
  4. If your in the Veg phase the higher temps your plant will survive and grow at a slower rate. It just means your plant won't be growing to its full potential.

    However if your Flowering in those temps your bud will suffer. Light fluffy bud and fox tailing is common.
  5. It is only a concern to the extent that it is warming up your water. If you can keep acceptable water temps in those temperatures, not above 72F (preferrably not above 70F), then it should have no bad impact on your plants. As Gelato mentioned though, generally above 85F most hybridized and indica dominant strains will begin to display negative affects such as fluffy buds, foxtailing, cooking off of terps and oils affecting flavor and smell, and in some cases even potency. Not to mention the general toll it takes on plants, making them less vigorous and tolerant of other environmental stressors. Silicate products are said to help plants tolerate warmer temps...may be worth investigating.

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