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  1. ok im gonna grow in my attic but the temp is anywhere from 60(night) to 80(day) and the humidity is very low at about 27% pretty much the whole time. i dont know how my 400w HPS/MH light will add to that tho. theres one window so im thinking if i put in an air conditioner in that window and put my box( 26"x17.5"x69") right in front of it it will cool it down and give some air flow to my plants. will a humidifier be enough to get the hum up to 50-60 where it needs to be. what should i do?
  2. I think the 400 watt HPS can easily raise the temp in that attic by 10 degrees. So you will be at about 70 to 90 degrees. The 90 is starting to get a little hot. The air conditioner is a good idea but, I don't think the humidifier is necessary. Sure you will be a little drier than ideal but, I don't honestly think it will cause any problems. If anything, your pot will be less susceptible to mold..
  3. Attic grows can be very problematic. I started in my attic and ditched it because temps are too difficult to get under control. Fact is, no one here can tell you what will work or not to control your particular conditions, you're the only one close enough to it.

    If your attic is getting to 80 now just imagine what it will be like in there in the summer. You can expect the inside of your box with a 400w HID to be at least 10 hotter. An air conditioner might work, but those rely on a differential of temperature between the area being cooled and the area where the coils are, if that temperature gradient is not there then the a/c won't work well. But it might, again we can't tell you that from here. And you can't just place your grow box in front of the a/c, you have to channel the air from it directly into the box and otherwise keep your box light-sealed.

    You could also try wrapping the entire grow box in insulation.

    And no matter what you will need a good source of cool intake air and a robust exhaust system to try to pump the heat out.
  4. well the box is a plastic closet like thing so i can easily cut a hole in the side and add a line from the a/c to the box to get cool air/outside air to the plants and a another hole in the top above the light to suck out heat. i was going to put a big mirror in the box( its an old dresser mirror) to light more of the plants particulalry the bottoms. im running a Bubble Bucket system in a big tub so i can get 6 plants at once cuz i need a good harvest for the coming school year. any ideas??
  5. You don't want to use a mirror. No aluminum foil either. Mylar or flat white for the interior.
  6. had a digital temp reader and directly under my light it says 84-90 usually and thats with the 250 a foot away or so. also says humidity is like 20 %. needless to say i have had 2 gros under these conditions one being a bagseed and now my newest being bubblicious which is not ready yet and will go into flower in a week or so. i have no problems with heat as most say u would and never have any burned b4 from the heat. i have mylar on my 4ft longx4ft tallx18inch deep cab and a fan exhaust and one fan also pointing up at the light. so far so good.
  7. Weedkrazy,
    Some strains of MJ can handle hotter temperatures especially equatorial Indicas. This I presume is why your plants are able to handle it. However, in general, 90 degrees is starting to get too hot especially for indoor genetics.
  8. have grown 1 sativa like bagseed and 3 bubblicious that seems to be indica. temps mostly 85 or so and never a problem? maybe the temp meter is wrong? i mean i hold my hand uder the light and its not even hot at all. i got a fan on the light also that might help? don't kno but if it worx don't fix it lol
  9. 85 degrees is probably fine.
    My daytime temps are about 85 degrees with all kinds of strains.
  10. good thread guy,, in ed rosenthals book '' the closet cultivator'' he states that the near perfect enviorment would be.

    72 f and humidity of 40 %, mine sets at 78 f , 45-55 with lights on. my fans dont circulate in the dark period, and i have looked in on them with lights out, and the hum. was at 70, way too high, thats asking for a moldy bud.

    its really not a issue till you start flowering, but once that happens,, out of control humidity, could completly ruin your crop...due to mold,,

    like i earlier stated my fans dont circulate at the ''dark period'' but thats channging now that im in flower , im setting the fans to 24/7 '' strictly for humidity reasons'' all things come in stages with indoor growing, the humidity is a near the end stage, but all of them need to be tended to as the need approaches. good luck!!!

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