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  1. So I guest room closet into a grow space. Using a Bloomspect 600w led. 4" inline fan drawing heat out of the room as well as a 6" clip on for intake. Tower fan inside for circulation. Closet is 2x3x5. Temps inside gets up to the high eighties to low nighties. Ambient temp in the room is about the same as outside which won't make much of a difference. My question is will one if those cheap evaporative coolers help if placed inside the closet?
  2. Those little coolers in my experience are pretty rubbish. Im not sure if you have the option too but i just run my aircon in that room all day. I sit it on 25c (veg) with the fan on low and shut the door and because its not running hard it dont use that much power.
    If you dont already have one a portable air con might be the way to go but they can chew through the power. Temp/humidity is very important so however you can to keep the room constant.
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  3. Thanks. That's what I was thinking. Maybe I'll just invest in a lie BTU window a/c. Appreciate it!
  4. I have found nothing beats a/c. Once you get it, then you can get back to growing.
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  5. Ac is the only thing that will handle that kind of heat
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  6. that is a very small space . to small for a ac. it just wont work .
    best suggestion is cut a hole somewhere add a booster fan a bigger 1 suck that heat out faster
    the ac will turn on and run for a second shut off over he at plants then ac turns back on repeat process to cold or 2 hot no in between .
    this fan will do it for you its quiet as well cheap to run
  7. I assumed he would ac the bedroom with the closet in it
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