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  1. hey i got a 3x3x7 grow tent from htg supply. I got a 400w hps system in it. i got 2 500 cfm inline duct fans and 2 fans on high, yet I cannot get my temps under 100 in their.........i got no idea else what to do, as theirs only 2 vents in it, so i cannt add another vent fan. Ideas please, any help is greatly appreciated. Ive been postponing my next grow cause i dont wanna start it to kill them a week or two into it due to heat probs.
  2. I am no professional but ill throw out some ideas since noone else has. I have the same problem so I invested in a cooltube and it takes most of the heat out. I live where it is quiet warm in the summer so I have to wait until the fall when the temps. drop a bit before I can fire up my grow room. what temp is the room in which you have your tent?
  3. i keep my home around 78-70 degrees thoughtout the day/ night depending. i live down south too, so its pretty much hot year round
  4. Generally speaking, you should be able to attain a 10 degree difference between the ambient air you're drawing from and the temp inside your grow room. In other words you should be able to keep your grow at 88F while lights are on.
    Decide on the hours of day the ambient air your room is growing from that is coolest. Then have your lights on at that time.
    You didn't mention the size or fan (CFM) nor the size of hole you are using.
    The exhaust should be up as high as possible (heat rises), your intake should be low to the floor where its coolest.

  5. sorry bro i got 2 500cfm inlineduct fans on the top of my grown tent in the 2 vents that came with it. I also got a large fan in the bottom blowing in air from the outside into the tent. today i left them on for several hours to test the temps, i got around 85-87 no higher. any ideas on those temps or no good still?
  6. I have one 8 inch inline duct fan that pulls air through the cooltube. I run my lights at night to avoid the heat of the day. I run from 7 pm to 1pm on an 18/6 light schedule. my temps get to around 87high and 78 low. the ideal temp is around 75 give or take a few degrees and I think growth slows at anything over 85. if possible, try to get into the 70's. good luck man, I feel your pain.
  7. Well my friend, that's all you're gonna be able to do. If its drawing air in at 78, and with the lights on you're at 88, that's all that's possible unless you introduced a/c. Your light produces 1200 BTU's of heat, and by the time air is exchanged, you are gonna have that temperature rise. There is no way that you are gonna run 78F degrees air INTO the grow room, and have it stay at 75F.

    Yes, it would be nice to have the growroom at 75, which would be ideal, but as long as it doesn't go over about 90-93 they will live. They would get a better yield perhaps, but I doubt it will make a HUGE difference. I would check my temps of nutrients, and try to keep them as low as possible. The ideal temp for your water is 65-70F, and if you're running higher that that, (which you are), keep that water aerated, and I would add some Hydroguard to protect you from root rot. If you don't want to spend the money on hydroguard, throw a bit of Hydrogen peroxide into the nutes, it will also aerate the water.

  8. k thanks bro, good lookin out much appreciated!

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