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  1. New to this site but have followed other threads for some time now and decided to join based on some good info being shared.

    I have cultivated outdoors successfully in the past and am now venturing to indoor. Eventually I will have a full set up of ebb and flow, however for now, being new to indoor growing, I started with a 4x4 grow tent, 1000W HPS air cooled light (currently only set at 600W digital ballast). I have a fan blowing air inside, flange/duct connected to ballast to exhaust the hot air outside (6" 435 CFM) and an intake fan blowing fresh air in (4" 171 CFM) ~ this is located in my garage running 24 hours/day while in veg. state.

    At night, my temp. lows are at about 73 F, but daytime is a major concern ~ running at about 100 F. Humididty is about 30-40% (better at night when it cools down).

    I have read many different takes on how to cool the tent, but none specifically identify (that I've found yet) how to cool when the tent is in my garage and it's already hot outside. Meaning, fresh air intake is already hot from normal air as it is.

    I've heard everything from a mini fridge (yeah right!) to getting a window A/C unit or maybe just a bigger fan (but still blowing in hotter air). ...I have a few outdoor perfect for bloom right now, but I'm afraid to put those girls in the tent if I can't control the environment. (right now, just started with about 4" clones of Mr. Nice)

    All help, suggestions and direction I can get pointed in from an experienced grower would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your help!
  2. I have mine in the garage, and you will need to get a portable or window AC (I don't have windows in the garage so had to go with portable). You also need to exhaust the hot air somewhere.

    I am planning a whole different configuration in the next run with a Built in Lung room inside the garage, which means a smaller area to maintain.
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    Portable a/c

    Or move the tent indoors (outta the garage)


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