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    Any ideas that might help will be greatly appreciated. So i live in arizona, it’s 102f and 30% rh outdoors. Inside my tent it is 85f with 50-60 rh. Is there any way I can harvest the low moisture outside to go into my tent without raising the temp? I have a portable ac unit but I want to try to use the bare minimum in electricity since the ac uses 1150w
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    Not really man. I’m not an indoor expert, but I know you need to keep air moving inside at all times and remove any extra heat from your lighting, because even something as subtle as that can change your environment. But what your saying is bring the humidity in without the higher temps correct? That’s not really probable considering temps outside your grow space are gonna be the starting point for your temperatures inside your grow space.
    If you really wanna bump up your humidity a little inside, I’d recommend just using a container filled with water, and placing it inside. It’ll raise humidity a little and you can always just put more open containers of water.
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  3. Use a swamp cooler if the humidity is only 30 %
    they use tons less electricity
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  4. I use a swamp cooler sorry I didn’t noticed my error, it is 102f 30% humidity outside my home. Inside my tent the tempts range from 79-87f with a rh from 49%-84%. My rh is usually high, I have a 4x4 tent with 400cfm in-line fan going out. Along with a clip fan, tower fan, and 6’ fan. But the humidity still stays pretty high. I was wondering if I put another inline fan from outside my house going into the tent to decrease humidity only when needed

  5. Sorry I needed to be more specific I edited the post, but the humidity outside my home is 30%. I wanted to see if I could use outside heat instead of a dehumidifier to lower humidity
  6. Heat doesn’t really lower humidity, if anything it can raise it. It sounds like you need something to cool temps off AND lower humidity, your rh sounds pretty high.

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