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  1. Anyone know anything about it? It was prescribed to help my insomnia, as ambien wasnt doing it. Erowid, says its to temporarily treat Insomnia/Anxiety.
    I am not really thinking about it to get fucked up, I just like to know what im putting in my body.
  2. Ive never heard of what you have, but i have taken Diazepam before, so im guessing they're similar...my dad said it was valium

    It definatly helped make me sleepy
  3. It also helps the aggresive to chill out...Personly i would just smoke another spliff if couldnt sleep but each to there own..
  4. Ive had multiple experiences with Temazepam...its fun...but its strong....2 or 3 - 30mgs will get you "drunk" as fuck....

    o ya and you wont remember a thing the next day
  5. Ive never taken or seen temazepam, what I do know is the it is a benzodiazepine. Xanax, klonopin, and valium are all in the same category.


  6. Jesus, that's a bit heavy for insomnia... Not the course of action I'd have had you take, but there you go.....

    Has your doc discussed with you how long he plans to keep you on this course of treatment? Do you see a therapist at all, to discuss the cause of your sleeplessness? It is rarely somatic.

    Temaz is indeed valium, and the stronger cousin of diazepam. You may find this useful - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temazepam#Pharmacology

    Please be aware that all benzos are highly addictive, and should be withdrawn very gradually. Don't just stop them 'cold turkey', no matter how well you feel.

    It might also cause you to OD, which I'm told is not a pleasant experience. At the risk of sounding like your mother, don't exceed the stated dose (which is calculated based on your individual needs, bodyweight, etc), unless you like hospital food ;)
  7. all it is is restirol, its a sleeping pill that happens to be a benzo, u can definitely get fucked up on em, one time i took em n drank a little bit n smoked a blunt, haha n then my dad called cuz i forgot to go home, n i dont remember this but my friends told me i talked totally perfect until one word i super slurred on n then i kept fuckin up from there

    haha my voice was super slurred before he called anyway, but it was definitely crazy that i maintained a normal voice for that long, haha imagine the police situations i can get out of (i've done it before haha)
  8. In the same family as Valium and my favorite Benzo of all, Lorazepam. Erowid is your friend.
  9. Actually I have spoken to a therapist, it was actually my psychiatrist (sp?) that put me on it. I have had this insomnia since I was 14 when I got into a seriously debilitating accident. the dose I am prescribed is 30mg. I actually took 2 with a double of makers mark, and now im hitting the bong.
  10. Hmm, I'm still not sure...

    By virtue of the fact that you see a psyciatrist, I assume the insomnia is not caused by a physical problem. I just hope these meds are not part of his long-term plan, and that they are combined with a good dose of talk therapy, too. Perhaps, if you can, get a 2nd opinion?

    I wish you all the best.
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