Telos led or the mars sp250

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Resin_Freak, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. Hi guys I'm no expert in lighting. I have a budget for a telos Led which come in 3 models I'm looking at the 008 one; on the other hand thetheres mars hydro sp250, im callincalling out all the grow light freaks. Thanks.
  2. What size room or tent?
    I like the mars hydro but I will disclose I have QB96s which I love. if I wanted a easy solution it very well might be the mars.
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  3. If your budget is tight but want to try the quantum board LED, choose Mars SP250. Some people get 1.8g/W dried buds with one SP250 in 2x4 grow tent. Code"CGG" can help you save some cost.

  4. Hi bro thanks for the reply, does this come in a plug and play, or does it need too be put together.
  5. Wow, yes im new too led, do you have a link too a grow journal please.
  6. There are some review videos on youtube. You can research "growing answers". This man has done some videos for a diary.
    And here is a small journal.
  7. Raymatix might have a single module that will work for you, I like them and recommend them. But I also like that mars 250 light. Haven't touched one but from videos I've seen it seems like a good value.

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