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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bobbybongwater, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Ok the time has come to tell my parents I smoke the worlds greatest herb. Any advice on how I should approach this and any stories that I could learn from would be greatly apprieciated
  2. Why do you need to? I assume you've been smoking for awhile, and you havent gotten caught (Im assuming since you're asking this), so why pottentialy hurt your relationship with them and possibly change how they look at you
  3. I've only been caught with a black nd mild and idk I feel it's time like I feel I'm going to get caught anytime soon so why not beat them to it I'd rather tell them than getting caught
  4. Do you already know their stance on marijuana? How did they react when they caught you, and how old were you? Are you 100 % sure that they're not going to take the new negatively?

    Are there factors that could affect whether or not they'd be okay with it (my parents would let me grow in their house if it weren't for the fact that if we got caught then my twelve year old sister you be put into foster care. If she weren't a minor then they wouldn't care)

    We can't really give you advice unless we know more about the situation.
  5. I'm actually of thinking of ways to tell my parents too, just a few minutes ago I was rolling in my room and my mom walked in and said "why does ur room smell like this" and I said what does it smell like? And she just walked away and closed my door? Idk if she smelt my weed or my farts
  6. I know they are not against and not pro marijuana they're in between
  7. I wouldn't. My mom is pro-weed legalization, but she fucking hates me smoking weed. It's hard on them because they see there child as "addicted to drugs" as opposed to just smoking weed. I'd avoid it till you know they won't flip, and if your underaged then DEFIANTLY don't.
  8. If I were still living at home and I told my parents, especially my dad that I smoke weed he would have have unleashed hell on me. Rest his soul, but he was a merciless supporter of disciplining his children with force.

    But you know, we've never met your parents. I'd love to help but at the end of the day, you know them best. If you're dedicated to going through with this, then I give you my full support and wish you well.

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