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  1. i am just about to germinate some seeds and am going to buy some organic compost tomorro, i no that i dont want any organic compost with slow relise fertilizer, does anyone no how to tell the diffrence on the packet between organic compost that has slow relising fertilizer and organic compost that doesnt have it, Thank u
  2. Compost is used more for outdoor crops. If compost is not thouroughly composted, it can actually use N instead of releasing N and a whole host of other issues. Your best bet would be either a soil less mix or some other quality soil. Fox Farms Ocean Forest is good for established plants. I've been experimenting with EB Stone's compost and the results aren't that great. Sticking to FFOF.
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    i dont really no so does anyone that has grown with compost think diffrent if so please put your opinions up here, what is FFOF

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