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  1. My whole life I've been honest about most of the shit that goes on around me and im always honest with my friends but if im pissed off or something i show it i dont lie about emotions or lie about shit in general i hate liars and fakes that i witness everyday i see no point in lying because a lie just makes more of em if you just go on with the truth in the first place it just ends all the questions and annoyance right there Id rather be hurt by the truth than be lied to if it was such a situation anyone else see my point or feel the same?
  2. Word. Easier said than done...everyone lies at least once and awhile, even unintentionally..were a fucked up species in that sense i suppose.

    I really see no point in getting worked up over someones lies though, I'm done trying to change people and if that's how they wanna live their life its not my concern.
  3. right on brother.
    (in hulk voice)
  4. punctuation or atleast ....'s make stuff so much easier to read...

    i do feel you tho...i try so hard not to include fakes in my circle...but they're good you never know
  5. Lack of punctuation makes me want to kill myself. :wave:
  6. I have a friend who's a compulsive liar - and was ever since I knew him. Good friend, but he lies about things just to make himself look good. His whole image is a fabrication.

    What *I* can't stand about that is this: I, myself, am TOO honest about myself. In fact, I DON'T have an image - I am incredibly humble.

    But not too many people like me or want to be friends with me BECAUSE I lack an image.

    Maybe I should just lie about everything - including myself. Then perhaps I'll get friends...

    NEVER. I'd rather be the way I am than be FAKE.

    But it still bothers the living shit out of me. It's almost not fair.

    This is why I don't really like people too much. A lot of people are fake, and the real people are INCREDIBLY HARD to find... :(

    Really pissed me off.
  7. And I know I am gonna get negative repped to hell for this, but I need to let it out.

    Seems most people in the rap/hip-hop world hide behind an image. In fact, the way I see it is that culture RELIES on an image. It's all about being a tough guy. Give me a fucking break.
  8. everyone bullshits if your really good at bullshitting you just get into politics
  9. You just described me :eek: I love you.
  10. I agree.
    sometimes though when someone asks about others and you don't know if that person wants that "image" of them to be known its a tough call. maybe its just me.
    imo, lying creates an image which causes misunderstandings between people. I've met some "tough" guys that wouldn't hurt a fly.

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