Telling potential flat mates that I blaze?

Discussion in 'General' started by super ape, May 28, 2010.

  1. Morning GC! (its 6.40am where i am...)

    Currently finishing up my first year of uni, so moving out of studen accomodation and ino private residence. Obviously, I want to be able to smoke in my room. I am currently organising a first viewing, moving in with some friends of friends. Now, in my initial blurb about myself i said that i don't smoke (meaning tobacco). Which is true. None of the potential flatmates smoke(tobacco).

    Basically, how should i find out if they are ok with my blazing occaisionnally (~1-2 a week)? I am in email contact atm, discussing the property. Should I just drop in "oh yeah, I smoke grass sometimes, would that beok to do in my room/garden?", or wait til i see them in person?


    TL;DR: how should i find out if my potential new flatmates (who i haven't met) would be alright with me blazing, email or face to face?
  2. I would say face to face...I'm a senior in college so Ive had to give this disclaimer every year...wasnt lucky enough to room with spark up a convo about like drinking or something...and ease that you like to smoke weed in there..and ask if they're okay with that lol
  3. haha dont say it this way if ur gonna tell them and just smoke in the garden if its just twice a week...
    shouldnt be much of a hassle

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