Telling parents you want to drop out of college

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Ganja Messiah, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. So I'm a pretty good student loving the college lifestyle. I'm scared of the unknown, but I know I would rather take a chance outside of school than strapping in for the whole ride.

    Anyway does anyone have any experience with this?
  2. homeless was fun and you dont need alot of money to live and as long as you can fight youll outlast the strung out sodomites after yer glorious goodies...

    ...get a big backpack
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  3. Not going backpacking lol. I will have to get a passion and follow it though. Life without a degree can be tough.

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  4. Good idea, I hear UPS is hiring.

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  5. Ups it is, this college debt isn't worth it lol

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  6. If your at school still at least take the basics and get them out of the way. That way when you do decide what you want to do in life you will already be halfway done
  7. If your paying for it, why does it matter?

    If your not paying for it, expect your family to react badly. If your actually not paying for it and are like "Nah, i won't be backpacking" that shit is laughable. "I cant do anything with a college opportunity handed to me, oh woe is me!" jesus, kids in the hood would kill for that opportunity. Weak.
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  8. Turned stick-up kid, but look what you done did
    Got sent up for a eight-year bid
    Now your manhood is took and you're a Maytag
    Spend the next two years as a undercover fag
    Bein' used and abused to serve like hell
    Till one day, you was found hung dead in the cell

    -Grandmaster Flash
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  9. Stick it out it will be worth it in the long run man. Do you wanna drive a shitty toyota for ever or do you wanna drive a fucking 7 series bimmer?

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  10. Elite mentality brother, honestly I would stay in school if I were this guy. I'm 19 now and by the time I'm 21 I'll be done with school and I hope to have more money saved up to travel and see different cultures around the world : D

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  11. ill teach you to bum change :wave:

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