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Telling my parents..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by La Chimney, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Heh, hi..I'm currently living with my parents (until school starts up again) and I want to know..Should I just tell my parents I smoke? I mean back when I was in high school I'd have to wait for the house to be vacant (Usually 3-4 times a week) to be able to smoke. Is it worth keeping it hidden? Or am I better off just letting them know, because either way I'm continuing to smoke. BTW this is my first post, so yeah :smoke: Thanks
  2. I would just wait and do it when you go back to school. I'd rather have people not know.
  3. True, but recently some things have happened and my parents are splitting up. So really the only one that would know would be my mom, and she's the kind of person that would either be alright with me doing it (Not happy, just accepting) or she'd completely freak and I'd be lucky if she paid for my books. I'll probably take your advice and just keep my lips sealed.
  4. Uh, are your parents chill people? Would they be okay with the fact that you smoke?
    My parents were both Dead Heads back in the day and my mom's a midwife and my dad disc golf's alllll the time. So I mean I don't think they'd freak if they knew I smoked or anything. And they suspect my brother does and don't really care. They know I smoke hookah but I don't think they know I smoke.. They're probably suspicious but have never mentioned it.
    But if your parents are very conservative or anti-drugs or whatever else, then telling them probably wouldn't be the best. Just wait until they're asleep and smoke outside. It's only a couple more weeks until school anyway, you don't have to wait much longer. :D
  5. If you need her to pay for your books still then stay quiet about it (and preferably dont do it in her house at all)... People! When you are still on your parents pay roll .... in any way you owe it to them to behave as they would have you behave.... If you were just living there for the summer and could pay for your own school then certainly you should talk with them... They deserve to know that illegal activity is going on in their house... So way they are not blindsided if something should go down

  6. Yeah, I'll probably just smoke tonight, or in the morning in the shower while they sleep. Like I said earlier, my mom will either be chill with it or act like she's a Narc or something..So it's pretty much a shot in the dark.
  7. Tough call. I was wondering the same thing, but the decision was made for me when my mom found my stash. She was definitely not stoked haha. I'd say just wait it out. Go smoke somewhere with friends or something and just keep the Visine on deck.
  8. Im in the exact same situation at the moment, been smoking every weekend for the past year or so. And my mother has no clue what so ever.
    But im really debating whether to tell her or not, to be honest i don't think she would care. But then again there is always that chance that she will flip out.
  9. When she finds out, remember that you have scads of myth-busting studies to use if she does freak out! Just click that first link in my sig. You might want to take a peek at it now, just to get familiar with it! :D

    Granny :wave:
  10. Thanks for all the feedback guys, really appreciate it!
  11. I would also advise against it, because you can never get that trust/respect back if things go bad.
  12. Sorry to hear about the split up! That blows man. You have my condolences.
  13. I told my dad monday night, we smoked together since. At first he was disappointed, but yet again he knew it was better than Cigarettes ..

    IMO, if your mom and dad are chill tell them.
    if they're 100% against, wait till school start
  14. If it aint broken don't fix it.

    Unless you get caught or they confront you about it, it's probably best to keep your mouth shut. Think if they have a negative reaction, that might suck
  15. When I first told my mom I told her about how most of the "facts" are complete bull. She was not happy that I smoked but I believe she was happy I told her the truth. I showed her my bud and my pieces. The only thing she was not happy about was the legality of herb.
    Wait until she's done paying for your stuff. Let her know the real "facts" about it, and also that you do it as safely as possible i.e Not driving with any, or under the influence.
  16. You could also kind of ease into the subject.. Like, I don't know if you ever smoke hookah/cigarettes/whatever or not, but if you do you could tell her about that. That would bring up the subject of smoking in general and she'd probably tell you her opinions on it. And you could cleverly mention your political views on pot. You know?
    Then you'd get to find out if she's totally against it or whatever before you commit to telling her. :D
  17. My parents blaze and so do some of my grandparents
  18. dont tell them, it will make for an awkward conversation and your a young adult now so you can make your own choices. like would you really go up to them and say, "mom, dad, ive been hiding my marijuana use for a while now...." it would make you look awkward and stupid IMO. your in college, everyone smokes they probably know you do
  19. DONT tell your parents.. I did that wasn't smart hahahaha now it doesn't matter I live on my own :D
  20. Just the fact that you are considering telling your parents tells me that your parents are probably really cool and chill. Therefore I say go for it. I wouldn't have dreamed telling my parents back then.

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