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telling my mom?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Audion, May 20, 2010.

  1. Through some conversations with my mom I've come to realize her views on cannabis. On more than one occasion she's expressed her anger over people being arrested for possession, and has expressed her support for the legalization of medical. One time she told me "It's no worse than alcohol" She implied that she smoked a few times in her younger days, and 10 minutes ago we somehow got around to talking about medical, and she pretty much said it should be totally legal because "Its an herb. take the crime out of it" Now all this doesn't necessarily mean she wouldn't go apeshit on me if she knew I smoked right? But every time we're having a conversation and she mentions it I feel like I should tell her. Not because I want to smoke with her, but just so when I'm out for a few hours and my eyes are a little red when I come home, she knows why:smoke::smoke::smoke:

    btw if anyone says she knows i smoke and thats why she's bringing it up, just know that i doubt 99% that she knows. there haven't been any signs whatsoever.
  2. Next time you talk about it, be like, would you ever smoke again? If she says yes, be like alright lets go smoke a bowl. If not, be like, would you care if I smoke?

  3. I'm almost positive that she would if she could since she has problems with insomnia and migraines, two things which i bet weed would help way better than anything shit her doctor prescribes.
  4. if its indica it will dominate insomnia's arse i used to stay up a week on end but once i started smoking staying up past a day or 2 i wouldnt be able to in other words it does help people sleep :D

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