Telling my mom i'm going to have a baby

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    Well long story short, i knocked up my girlfriend and shes 3 months pregnant. I still havnt told my parents, but i thought of a genious idea of buying a Mothers day card thats for a grandma and putting one of the altrasound pictures in the card. Is this a good idea? Or will i get my ass kicked. I'm 20 btw.


    This is what it looks like, the picture at the bottom will be in the card. I will update with what my parents say.
  2. Depends how she would respond but that is a very good idea!
  3. My parents are very religious so Im not sure, but i'v dissapointed them a lot of times in the past. So this is one more thing too add to the list
  4. i think its a good idea, be a good father man
  5. I am, its my mistake and im going to man up and take responsibility. I love my girlfriend to death anyway, i wish we could have waited a few years.
  6. i think thats an awful idea, unless ur finacially ready and mature enough to have this baby

    i mean think about it this way, ur mom is ready for a good mothers day and on the card it says "hey, ur gonna be a grandma"...idk if that was me id be pissed

    but idk its ur mom, u know how she is and i dont....but my mom would not appreciate sumthing like that
  7. You obviously know your mom better than us, but if it were me, I'd just have a serious conversation and tell her then.

    It seems kind of insensitive to spring it on her in a card like a picture in a pop up book. Surprise! I'm having a baby.
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    That's a horrible idea especially with religious parents.

    Im 20 also and I couldn't fathom my mothers reaction...

    Your young, you could be in Cancun for the next 8 summers fucking everything in site. Why end it all... well I know its not your choice but have y'all considered abortion?
  9. You can make it look like an accident. Just take off the first two steps at night time

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  11. my girlfriend had an abortion. i wish she didnt.
  12. We dont belive in abortion.
    LOL i joked around with her about that, and caught a quick smack
  13. I also got her some nice flowers, so she shoudlnt be that mad..
  14. If she doesnt take it well just be like " At least you know im not gay "
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    Lol every religious mothers worst nightmare
  16. you don't believe in abortion?

    this is 2011, humanity has taken great strides to give you this option, and you just "don't believe in it". i don't get it.
  17. The only time i think abortion is justified is if the female was raped or somthing of that nature. I was dumb enough to have unprotected sex so i need to deal with the consiquences. I don't belive in a "ohh shit" button.
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    That's silly dude.

    Cancun or daycare, your choice.
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    But there is a ohhhshit button! And your not using it weirdo. That's like a starving man giving up a meal.

    Don't give up the meal man, your starving.

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