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Telling how much your getting?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by letsplaybrick, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. I keep having fucking middle people getting me my drugs because people are so fucking sketch around here, and I've yet to have anyone weight out my weed, Does anyone have like, pics so I can size compare about how much weed I'm getting? Like I bought 2 grams of highs the other day and it looked about right, but then I remember buying a full fourth of highs before that and it being like, 3 times as much as this time.
  2. invest in a scale

    eventually youl get to no sizes
    sorry no pics fo ya
  3. yeah, scale is really the only surefire way of telling.

    but you'll get "the eye" eventually.
  4. It's hard to tell just by looking because sometimes weed is dense and sometimes it's fluffy. Get a scale off e-bay for like 20 bucks.

  5. Or $15 at your local headshop...
  6. Buy a scale to weigh it. Or use your eye's to "eye it out." usually I don't even fuck with a scale when I'm buying anything less than a half-ounce. Once you buy enough bags you'll be able to tell.
  7. id rather have that 20$ go to weed lol so what i do is when i get back to the house from buyin i take the bud out of the sac and hold it in my hand then for each gram its supposed to wiegh i take a dollar bill and hold it in the other just to see if its pretty close..obviusly its not perfect but it usualy seems like i get the correct weight doin this..
  8. Your hand isn't going to even come close to being able to tell the difference of tenths of a gram, it's always going to seem even. I don't think your hand could even tell the difference between ounces.

    Get a scale, or read the stickies.
  9. If by a "fourth," you mean two "eighths" (I usually call it a quad), then that would be 7g. 2 grams, which is what you have now, is actually LESS than a third of that (2x3 = 6)

    So if 2g looks like a third of the quad, you're doing well :)
  10. LOL ya I was about to say...

    just invest in a scale itll cost as much as 1 gram and be so worth it..
  11. guys i think what hes saying is that his 2 gs looked about str8 but his quarter only looked like 3 times 2gs (so 6 gs). So basically hes saying he got ripped on the quad. This probably makes more since cuz dealers usually dont rip ppl off on dimes but they do on bigger amounts cuz theyre giving u a cheaper price and dont want to

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