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telling agirl you smoke weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tommy toke alot, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. So i started dating her shes really fun and smart and cute
    The list could go on forever
    But basicly i want to tell her i smoke weed and maybe introduce it to her but ive had problems before with this same subject and it doesnt end well
    I want to tell but i dont wanna lose her what should i do
  2. Whatever feels right man, no one can tell you what to do. It's your life.
  3. How are you dating her and she doesn't know? Did you just meet her a day before you're dating? If you meet a girl you like and you smoke asking if she wants to blaze should end up being one if the first things you do when making plans to hangout.
  4. What i think will happen:

    1. You tell her and she tries/joins in.
    2. You tell her and shes cool with it but won't smoke.

    I could be wrong though...
  5. Now is the time to be straight with her; secrets will only hurt you down the road.

    How old are you two?
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    I told my ex girl friend before we started dating. and told her "if you don't like it don't date me".
  7. Just start things open and honest - If you have to hide something then it's not really...I don't know, "real"?
    Also if she doesn't accept you for who/where/what you are in your life, then she's not really an ideal partner choice and your incompatibility will lead you to either growing apart or being one of those partners that changes at the insistence of their "other half" while resenting them for it.

    So what I'm saying is - Be you, talk about the stuff that goes on in your head...if you can do that, and listen to and accept each've got it made. If not, you don't.
    So, find out.
  8. if weed is part of your lifestyle, how does your girlfriend not know about that at all yet? don't treat it like a secret. just tell her straight up, and if she doesn't like it, that's your fault for not telling her initially
  9. Yeah dude dont keep that secret man. That shit is bad for your health, bad for your high, and bad for your relationship. I had this problem, finally i let on how much of stoner i was, and that didnt work out well. Like this dude above said she will want to try it, wont care about it, or she will despise it. If she doesnt like it then forget her man. If she is smart then remind her that intelligent people dont judge, and that maybe if she tried it one time then she could really see. Just whatever you do man.. Dont let her smoke a lot, because she will get fucked up and you know how some girls react with shit, its always over dramatic and they end up puking or some bullshit
  10. Just be honest with her, don't hide it. Briefly explain how harmless it is and that it cures cancer.

    Even if she doesn't toke she might not mind.
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    get that fucking sandwich off of you sig right now god damnit it looks too amazing i hate you.

    Anyways, my gf knew before we were dating. I mean, i smoke a lot so it would be kind of hard for a girl not to know unless I was actively hiding it. She didnt seem to care... AT FIRST! But then she realized how much money actually goes into weed and she kinda had a little 'weed crisis' if you will and told me it was her or the weed. So i said her and kept on smoking weed lol and now she smokes everyday.... its funny how things happen.

    That being said, I wouldnt be completely surprised if she pulled some crazy shit and left you on the spot. So big tip, GIRLS ARE FUCKING PSYCHO. Especially if they found out that youd been hiding something.....
  12. Don't force her into shit. If she wants to smoke get her high, but it'd be nice to have your "own thing", you don't gotta have everything in common.
  13. Hot box your car before you pick her up. ;)
  14. how about give me some rep?

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