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Tell me when you first smoked kief,tell how you liked it.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thekingant, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. So just smoked a bowl filled with kief, and let me tell you it's great:smoking:, so tell me when you first smoked kief how you liked it.
  2. The first time I smoked kief was in a blunt that also had 1.5 grams of weed and a little bit of hash in it. I was STONED
  3. I love grinding up some bud and getting some kief out of it. Always put a bit on top of every bowl I smoke. You can make hash out of kief as well if you collect enough kief.
  4. I First had keif in a spoon atop a lil medical weed. I hit the green first, then he heated up the keif, then I smoked the keif almost all the way, and it was sooo fricken harsh, i had to drink constantly for like 15min and it felt like my throat was swollen, then it went away and i was super stoned for a long time. I want to do that again....oh wait...i kinda am :bongin:
  5. I didn't know what it was exactly the first time i had it, didn't exactly care cause I knew it was buds, but I didn't know why it was different.. I was happily introduced though :smoking:

  6. kief is ok, not the biggest fan but its gets you pretty high
  7. had it on new years! loved every bit of it... mixed it in a joint with green, was a great feeling, tasted a tiny bit different but still loved it! collected it from my grinder after saving it up from an o. :D
  8. First time I had it, was when I was smoking with my old dealer, he packed a bowl of Gran daddy then one of mango kush with kief all over it in the bong. That was the first time I realized there was such thing as getting too high. I remember him telling me to go easy on it, and me thinking I know my shit, blazed about a fifth of it and coughed my lungs out, then he picked it up and did the rest of it in one hit. He used to get little jars of the stuff. I love it now, it tastes great and the high comes on so quick and strong its ridiculous, kills your throat though.
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    I got high. Nothing special. Just got a normal high.

    just like smoking a bowl of weed.

    you just need less of it.

    Actually Im smoking some kief right now. And Yet I dont feel anymore stoned then i normally would of this bud.
  10. The first time I smoked kief, I didn't even know it until about 20 minutes later when I asked my buddy, "Hey dude is this laced with something?" He replied "No dude, i sprinkled 2 months of kief from my grinder on top. Sit back and relax brother." Great experience here.
  11. imo kief is way overrated.

    its good when youre practically dry, you only got a little bit of tiny nug left so you dig into the bottom of your grinder and turn that little bit of nug into a normal bowl.

    but its not like it really gets me much more high than the original weed :\

  12. You tolerance bastard :D
    lol joking, Well I like what i'm hearing.
    And it's all true.
  13. You tolerance bastard :D
    lol joking, Well I like what i'm hearing.
    And it's all true.

    sorry for double post. im out of it right now :)
  14. um i took a big hit forgetting i had kief on it and then i laid down on my kitchen floor because i couldnt breathe for a minute
    but i got really stoned lmao i had a really low tolerance then too
  15. First time was weird. I was 15 years old, my mom comes over to me with a bong and says, "try it, you'll like it."

    I hit it, gagged, coughed, and didn't feel high. I stayed away from it until I was 19. It was OK, but I wasn't really doing it right so I hardly ever did it. I didn't really enjoy it until I was 22. Once I understood it and respected it, (and did it properly) I felt fan-frickin-tastic. It relaxes me and helps me let go of things.
  16. Bought a film cansiter full for $60 it came off of some dank bud. Smoked a bowl of pure kief i got high.
  17. For me the only way to smoke kief is on top of some bud in a bong. I smoke it by itself when I run low sometimes, but it is a waste, and it is too harsh to get a really good hit out of anything but a bong in my opinion.
  18. I smoked kief for the first time shortly after I bought my grinder. The first thing I noticed was the different taste and the harsher smoke. Then I noticed that I was really high. I couldn't believe such a little amount of something could have greater effects than the plant itself.
  19. I tried it after I got my first grinder as well. I sprinkled a bit of it on top of a half packed bowl for myself, I remember it looked so cool haha. I took 2 hits off the bowl, not even making it down to the actual buds packed, and I was already baked out of my mind. I don't even think I finished the bowl until the next day haha.
  20. Yehh, IMO kief is great, i love sprinkling a fat blunt with some kief:smoking:

    got quite a bid collected in my grinder atm, as i kindly let my roomates use my grinder all the time;)

    muahahaha they dont suspect a thing. i feel like the hamburgler. :cool:

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