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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by IGotTheCottons, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. hey... this is an older song i wrote (like 2 years ago). it starts off with the chorus, then goes into the song from there.

    the chorus goes:

    Tell me when
    When will the sun shine on these eyes?
    Tell me when
    When will I come out of disguise?
    Tell me when
    When will I live the life they see?
    Tell me when
    When will there be something more to me?

    Verse 1:

    And this fire that once burned brightly
    Now flickers inside of me
    Staring in the mirror
    Can't stand the sight I see
    Now I am picking up the pieces
    Of the life I used to live
    There's nothing more inside of me
    No nothing left to give
    The struggle has a purpose
    For what I do not know
    Why won't these chains fall from me?
    Why won't they let me go?

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Verse 2:

    They really think they know me
    But there's more than meets the eye
    They don't see what I cover up
    They don't see the tears I hide
    They refuse to see beyond the mask
    I put up to hide from them
    Everyday it's just the same old thing
    Time and time again
    There's something buring within my bones
    It's more than I can tame
    It wants to put an end to this
    An end to this game

    (Repeat Chorus)

    thanks for taking the time to read this... as always, comments are welcome :D
  2. much thanks for those kind words, amanita... *blushing*

  3. Cottons, this is really good stuff! I'd love ta hear the music along with it. You DO have a gift and you should use it! You ought to be writing everyday. You'd be amazed what comes out and don't be afraid to post it where people can read and respond. There are hundreds of "poetry boards" out there but I think the people here are a better audience!
    Da"Please, Post More"Captn
  4. i did a majority of my writing back when i was like 14... and trust me on this one. most of it wasn't good, lol. as for now, i try to write and nothing comes out. i need to find ways of putting into words what i'm feeling inside... ahhhh! i hate writer's block, lol. anywayz, i've got a few more i could post, and as more comes (slowly but surely) i'll post it :)
  5. I have been inan extended peroid of writers BLOCK since 9/11...Can't even write my name's a horrible thingum ta have but God in His wisdom gave me my "art" stuff to do while waiting on the writing to come back.
    You are doing fine! Just wait and it will come back even better than before!
    Da"Hang In There & Fire One Up"Captn

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