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Discussion in 'General' started by mY NaME is bOb, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. definitely the inside out 75$ one. thats just my opinion.
  2. the second one, 75bucks, that one looks sweet
  3. i'd say the second one as well.

    i like bubblers with more solid colors. bongs on the other hand, i like to be clear.
  4. Yeah go with the second one. Looks like it could also double as a dildo if your a chick lol (who doesn't think the top part looks like a dick?)


  5. The second one is awesome. Really nice, Id go for it
  6. I would go with the second one as well it has mad cool colors man. :smoking: JOE>
  7. Haha, it does look like a dildo.

    Thank you guys for all or your opinions.
  8. yes, deffiantly the second one
  9. I was looking at that one, but I don't want a sidecar.

    think of it
  11. defenetly the second one :):cool:
  12. Deff the second one.

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